Man buys photocopy of MacBook for £300

5 February 2015

If you think a deal is too good to be true, chances are, it is. Unless you're looking in our Deals of the Day, of course. Either way, if someone is offering you a MacBook for £300, you've got to be wary.

One man who wasn't, was Paul Barrington who saw the deal on eBay and thought he'd got himself an absolute steal! He parted with his money and waited. When it arrived, he found he'd spent all that money on a photocopied picture of a MacBook instead.

Look at his sad face.

paper laptop scam

Of course, MacBooks set you back around £1,500 if you're buying them new and, if you're getting one second-hand, they're not going to be much cheaper.

Paul had apparently sold his treasured surfboard to buy the device, as he wanted to start gigging as a wedding DJ.

He said: "I sold my pride and joy for a piece of paper. It’s the first time I haven’t had a surfboard since I was 10 years old but I need a laptop so I checked the listing and the seller’s rating."

"He’d been a member for a few years, so there was nothing to be suspicious about. I was excited about winning the auction and just thought, ‘I’ve got a laptop so I can start the business. The package was as light as a feather. Why bother sending a picture in a box? It doesn’t make any sense. I almost had to laugh."

Paul has of course, reported this scam to eBay who are going to get back to him. Anyone who has dealt with eBay before, stop laughing. Here's the auction.

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  • Mad B.
    Are we supposed to be not laughing at the fact someone got ripped off on Ebay, or the thought that he thinks Ebay will do something about it.
  • Mike H.
    Hahahahahahahahaha.... eBay will get back to him! hahahahhahahahah that's so fucking funny!
  • Father J.
    Thick bastard, typical Apple user.
  • Noghar
    He should inform police and get lawyered up. Bet it was listed under 'electronics' and not 'pictures'. It is simple criminal fraud.
  • paul b.
    The offending item is now available to purchase with all proceeds going to British Lung Foundation.. Does not come with charger.. Please share like buggery so the scumbag th is still out there see the money he would have had going to good use....
  • Ryan w.
    This is so fake. The guy just wants free advertising for his mid life ..i mean dj business. The ebay listing is pictures of him and decks and also his logo. What a shameless grunt using a charity for marketing.
  • Mark W.
    I'd like to see the original listing just to see how obvious (or not) it was.

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