Liverpool fan receives potty-mouth email from club director

11 January 2010


Football’s a funny old game Brian. Sometimes, in the case of Angola v Mali from yesterday, it’s hilarious. But football fans are more than just paying customers; there’s a strong emotional bond inherent in following a club.

So, if you emailed a complaint to a your local DIY store and received a reply from a senior staff member who called you an ‘idiot’ while adding, “Blow me, fuckface. Go to hell, I’m sick of you,” you’d probably brush it off and choose to shop elsewhere.

But when those words come from one of the senior directors of the football club that is close to your heart, you could be forgiven for being a tad miffed.

That’s what happened to Liverpool FC fan Stephen Horner when he emailed Tom Hicks Jr, son of the Merseyside club’s co-owner and a senior board member. Stephen had emailed Hicks with his concerns over the direction of the club following allegations that manager Rafa Benitez wouldn’t be allowed to reinvest the proceeds of player sales this month.

Hicks later showed vague contrition, saying: “I apologise for losing my temper and using bad language with you. It was a kneejerk reaction.” That’s okay then, because emails are usually kneejerk aren’t they – there’s rarely time for reflection or editing before you send one off. Hmm...

Mr. Horner said: “Hicks Jr should resign with immediate effect and it is time that Gillett and Hicks sold up and handed the reins over to people who understand the Liverpool way. They are not welcome at Anfield and should name their price and begin negotiations with more suitable investors who can take this great club forward.”

Gerald Ratner perhaps?

BREAKING NEWS: Liverpool FC have just announced that Tom Hicks Jr has left the board of the club. Bitterwallet - we get things done! (Ahem...)


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  • Nobby
    Yeah it was stupid. He should have just said that customers do not have any input into what stock they buy or sell at their business.
  • Big G.
    He's gone and good riddance.
  • Michael
    "handed the reins over to people who understand the Liverpool way" Forgive my ignorance, but what do Dubai property developers and oil field owners in Abu Dhabi know about "the Liverpool way"?
  • Warwick H.
    The fan is at the bottom of the pecking order and always has been. most boards dont give a shit about the fans as long as the cash rolls in from where ever. I used to be an avid supporter until I realised the only thing I was supporting was the boards excessive lifestyle. Gate money is now only a small part of the clubs income whereras once it was the life blood. Liverpool used to be one of the finest and respected clubs in the world but look at it now, Shanks must be spinning in his grave.
  • oliverreed
    Scouse cnuts.....
  • Andy D.
    Story edited to include departure of Hicks Jr. All thanks to us!
  • Shopdis F.
    I would love to have seen the resignation email. Probably along the lines of... To all Liverpool Directors Hey fuck you all dipshits, I want out, aye, aye, aye! Tom Hicks Jnr
  • Martin
    Calm down, calm down.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I have studied the picture of the female wearing the LFC t-shirt (and many others not wearing t-shirts on the net). Her breasts have definitely been enhanced. Would Vince Wong like to back-up my observation? Thanks
  • charitynjw
    See! One word from BitterWallet & people will do.....................whatever they want to do
  • facebook f.
    awesome info, cheers!
  • Neill
    The whole situation at Anfield at the moment is very upsetting really. A team of this size should not have to have a thing like administration hanging over them. Whatever the conclusion of the Red Sox interest, it must happen sooner rather than later so the club can get on with getting themselves out of the bottom 3.

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