Kwik Fit fitters are a bunch of tricky f****ers

Turns out that Kwik Fit mechanics are not the ones to trust – in fact, according to a new BBC1 consumer show, they regularly rip off customers by doing unnecessary work to their cars.

kwik fit

The show, called Your Money, Their Tricks, brought 10 cars into various branches of Kwik Fit for their free brake and tyre check, and in 4 out of 10 cases, mechanics tried to convince customers they needed extra work – amounting to £700 in total.

Also, the undercover report revealed that they didn't even bother carrying out some of the promised checks, as they were probably too busy looking at Page 3 and talking about oily flanges. Some of the tyres actually had NAILS in them, which they failed to spot. Oops.

Kwik Fit, said they had 'zero tolerance of staff recommending unnecessary work' and that a senior management team will investigate, but they also disagreed with some of the shows assertions that the suggested work was unnecessary.

One thing's for sure –a few Kwik Fit employees will be filling their boiler suits with terror when they see the show…


  • klingelton
    A friend of mine took his car to kwikfit as he thought he could trust them. They did work to the CV joint and fitted a cheap pattern part instead of the good quality vauxhall part. They charged him for the good quality part. they also didn't use proper securing and neither did they bother to clean the grease from around the inside of the rim. They did a half arsed job and charged top whack for it. I wouldn't trust these cowboys
  • Touchwood
    Twas ever thus.
  • Dacouch
    These working practices at Kwik Fit are exposed on television approximately every ten years, surely everyone already knows they do these things. If not they should do a show about KF every five years to see if everyone gets the message
  • Alexis
    National Tyres are as bad.
  • shiftynifty
    the usual shit/guff.....Kwik Fit, said they had ‘zero tolerance of staff recommending unnecessary work’ and that a senior management team will investigate, but they also disagreed with some of the shows assertions that the suggested work was unnecessary.
  • Brizoh
    I use my local garage for all my repairs, and had them re-do my brake discs and pads on one of my old motors. I needed a tyre repaired and went into Kwikfit; after taking off the wheel, the guy shouted me out and told me that I needed new brake shoes as mine were low, and the discs were scored. I told him just to reinflate the problem tyre and I'd go elsewhere. When the manager asked why, I told him that his guy had tried to sell me un-needed work and produced the job sheet from the garage where I had had my brakes done 2 weeks previously. Its not a Kwikfit anymore; the unit was closed down a few weeks later after being bought over by another garage chain. I won't entertain Kwikfit now after that incident.
  • shakesheadsadly
    KwikFit have ALWAYS been cowboys. I wouldn't touch them with a seven foot cattle prod.
  • Richie
    I wouldn't use kwikfit again took my Astra into maryhill Glasgow 2 month ago for a mot £35 and they failed it due to unbalanced brake, said i need new pads and disc cost £375 to pass i wasnt paying that so paif £35 for mot and took it to a local garage they did a brake test 3 times then a mot and the brakes passed all 4 times cost £45 for mot
  • Richie
    Really they should be closed down watchdog found them out now your money there tricks No way is that rules of the SOGA I still want my £35 back for my mot but there not paying, said my local garage didn't check right and it would cost me more to appeal crap really your left with no choice but to accept it and give them money for nothing
  • shiftynifty
    Always do your MOT at the local`s not in their interest to rip you off.and they will give you what needs to be done if it does fail
  • Billy b.
    Kwikfit once fitted a shitty old used tyre in place of one I had 4mm tread on while it was in getting an exhaust done. I didn't notice till the next day, they put a new pair of tyes on by way of compensation without even arguing. Wouldn't go back there ever.
  • Kwik R.
    I went to Kwik Fit in East London once to get my car MOT'd. Got a call saying the call had failed due to an unsecured headlight but they'd fix it for £90 + VAT. Went to collect my car and had a look, one of the brackets that held the headlight was bent. I took it to another garage and explained the problem, looked at the headlight and said its still secured. He ended up doing a full MOT and passed it. A friend took his car for an exhaust quote, they said the whole thing needed replacing at quoted almost £400. He took it to the local exhaust fitter who quote £110 all inc. Kwik Fit should be avoided at all costs! Don't be tempted by their cheap MOT prices or free "checks".
  • mrew42
    The centre exhaust pipe on my 4x4 decided to detach itself from the flange which connected it to the back box. Rusted clean through. I phoned around for a few places who couldn't give an estimate over the phone and insisted I book in for a full inspection. Called Kwik Fit London rd, Romford, Told them what I wanted was given a price. Went down there and fitted while I waited, no fuss, no pushing for extras. Plus the customer service there for others was nothing short of excellent. Not all Kwik fits are the same
  • Phil
    Took my car to Kwikfit for a new tyre. Went back a two weeks later for an MOT and they failed the car on the tyre that they fitted saying it was not the right size. Showed them the work sheet for the tyre and they would not admit it was their fault. Said I should have checked the tyre myself that they fitted!!!!!!!!! It was a budget tyre that only they sold too.
  • Teddy E.
    Another good article from Lucy which virtually all the commenters seem to agree with. I wonder why the usual dregs who infest BW haven't made an appearance?
  • Keith
    I agree Teddy. Nobody has even said cunt yet.
  • Reader
    ^^And there it is.
  • Spencer
    I once took my car to kwik fit for its MOT. passed first time... 2 weeks later got rear ended and wrote the car off. cowboys
  • Rowan G.
    I used their online service…well, I say service. No call back for six days, despite their website saying 24 hour response, and no pick up on either their Freephone number or local branch. After two emails, I get an unapologetic response and the tyres I ordered and paid for were not in stock anyway. Again, no apology at all for their total incompetence. Absolute rubbish service and never again!!!
  • Bob
    You can't get thicker than a Kwik Fit fitter!
  • Elizabeth
    I took advantage of my local Kwik Fit who revamped the customer waiting room. As a special treat they offered 30% off everything on the first opening of the new look waiting room. Got my MOT and service done there. I asked them to check oil water etc so I'm worried now in case they haven't. Also they said I needed a new battery as the other leaked (it had but I'm sure it was Kwik fit who replaced it last year - they said the battery wasn't one of theirs). After reaching the battery they said the leaking acid had corroded on the thingy. I've no idea what a thingy is but they explained it was a wire under the battery and if I keep driving it will corrode fully. They said they'd not seen anything like it and it was really bad. They said they'd have to order the part from Germany from the VW garage and it would cost £200. I took it to my local VW garage who said the part they ordered was a part not under the battery and the wire in question wasn't that bad. They couldn't understand his they could know what's under the battery without lifting the tray. I had to pay £83 to VW garage for double checking this mystery wire was ok. They cleaned it up (something Kwik fit never mentioned) and told me it's ok no major damage.
  • Bob W.
    I went to Kwik Fit , Titwood Rd., on Fri 25th October 2013. They failed the Corsa MOT on two back tyres yet both had great treads and sidewall were passable. Three independent small garages verified the point about the tyres. They also failed on anti roll bar joint covers, which was correct to do so. They failed on rear nearside fog light but the 55 corsa doesn't have a nearside fog light, only a lens which has never been wired at the factory and is only there for cosmetic reasons. A small garage did all the work for £90 to include supply and fit all parts and labour and supply and fit two part worn tyres. Kwik Fit quoted £435. The tyres were totally unnecessary but I got the part worn ones anyway. I will never in my life go back to Kwik fit. My sister also had a problem at another Glasgow branch four years ago when they did not tighten the oil filter and oil spurted out her car after five mins of leaving the depot. Do not go near them. You have been warned.
  • natalie
    I broke down last jan and got towed to kwik fit garage liverpool, they told me I needed a newbattery so I agreed to have work done and paid. A week later I broke down again although I managed to get car running again, I called kwik fit to explain after me paying for repair I was having same problem and I asked If they would look at it again. Manager said I could bring it in but he would need to charge me as anuthing could of happened within a week and it could of been something different, even though it was the exact same problem. Anyway I didnt take it back as it run ok till couple of weeks ago I broke down again with same problem I called out RAC who came to roadside and advised I needed a new battery. I explained I only had a new one fitted 12 months ago and he said that the battery in the car was rhe origional and no battery had been fitted 12 months ago. So kwik fit had charged me for work that was never carried out, I havent been able to speak to manager till wednesday but I know from past experience with him he wont be very helpful. Is there anybidy I can report this too if I dont get my money back etc.
  • Hobbeldehoy
    Kwik Fit are not qualified mechanics. One should always bear that in mind before going there. They just bolt stuff on. That's it! Therefore they cannot identify problems in the way that a proper car mechanic with years of experience can.
  • Tristan d.
    Online it said kwik fit were doing free brakes test so i took my car in for a check up. When i arrived i told the guy that I wouldn't be paying for any services what so ever and that i just want the brakes tested as i knew at least one of them waa dodgy. When i came to pick the car up the guy said it would be 350 pounds to replace the front brake pads. I told hin that was fine and that I'll get it done somewhere else. He then was really rude so i said it was a free brake test with no obligation and he said that yeah but they assume you're going to get the work done at quik fit or else they shouldnt have bothered. When i tried to leave he said i couldn't coz one of my tires was illegal and 2 more need replacing and it will cost 480 pounds. So i started laughing and left! What a joke these guys are! Nearly had to ring the police to get my keys off him.
  • Mike H.
    The knuckle-draggers at Kwik Fit Clacton-on-Sea fitted what turned out to be the wrong battery to my BMW. It burned out. I pointed out their error, they replaced it with the wrong one - again; insisting that they were right, I was wrong. Ho hum. The replacement battery burned out. I returned it to them, asked for a refund. I couldn't have a refund because... a) The battery was no longer connected to the car (they couldn't explain how I was supposed to drive the car 10 miles to them with a dead battery in it) b) Even though I had the receipt, due to a computer upgrade I was "no longer on their system" c) They needed to charge the battery first to check that it was defective ...and here's the best part... d) They are not allowed to charge batteries because of health & safety reasons I asked for the phone number of the area manager. They wouldn't give it to me. I complained to what is laughably known as their customer service department. I was told that I could not have a refund because - apparently - I slammed the door on my way out. More than a few cars in the north Essex area are now sporting professionally made bumper stickers, sporting the legend, "Kwik Fit - swindling motorists since 1971".
  • Richard M.
    I paid £800 for 4 tyres for my VW transporter at kwikfit. I specifically asked for good quality tyres not budget ones. Now, after 6 months and around 6000 miles my van has failed its mot as the two rear tyres are below the legal limit. The VW garage has quoted me much less than the kwikfit price to replace the tyres with Continental or Michelin tyres and has said the tyres on my van are rubbish! The front ones will also need replacing in the next couple of months! My wife had several "punctures" recently and took the car to kwikfit on each occasion. Every time they told her she needed a new tyre. My young son then admitted that he had let the air out of her tyres as he liked helping her change the wheel. Avoid this company - they are not to be trusted.
  • tony p.
    I have been a victim of the ''nail in the tyrewall which is un fixable you'll need a new tyre'' scam twice in four years. The last time I was shown the tyre and the nail was brand new. Its beyond the time when something should have been done to stop these scammers.
  • Brian M.
    I had an mot on the 17th Nov 2014 at Bridlington Kwik Fit, it failed on 5 counts and they said it would cost over 250 pounds to correct it. I took my car for another mot to another garage they said it failed on 2 counts and the cost would be 110 pounds to correct it and pass its mot, I paid them and it passed, Kwik Fit lied about 3 other parts needed and I saved over 150 pounds. you can't get worse than a kwik fit fitter cowboys that just hype the price they should be closed down
  • Dave
    I rang Kwik Fit as I knew my car needed new discs and pads, so I asked for a quote "Sorry Sir (yeah really), we can't quote, you have to bring your car in so our trained brake technicians can analyse the problem and estimate the cost - which is double speak for "You probably only need shoes and discs but we want to try and sell you tyres, tracking, wheel balancing and other assorted crap". I have fond memories of them quoting me £"200+ for new disks and pads, with free fitting - the parts were only £40, I fitted them myself using a Haynes manual and it took me an hour - so that's £160+ of "free fitting" But all of these firms are the same - I want to Autospeed in Chippenham for an MOT and they fitted a rear hub without an ABS ring, which meant my ABS didnt work, gave me an MOT regardless saying they it was a sensor, they also fixed my brakes - so well in fact that they never worked the same again. All tyre fitting firms are cowboys who employ poorly trained staff on minimum wage - if you want something done by monkeys take it to the zoo or kwik fit, otherwise stick to a garage.
  • rugged
    Went to one near Harrow for a handbrake adjustment. They did that and insisted I needed a new tyre. Drove off, could barely pull up the handbrake it was so tight. And now my car pulled to the left. Two visits later to their 'tracking experts' and I could barely keep it in a straight line. Took it to an indie after that and found KF had mucked up fitting the tyre, the alignment , and the tracking. Went to another one for an oil change and they mucked that up. Never again. What can they do?
  • DanDiesel
    Since first visiting Kwik-Fit several years ago, I've never had any problems with them because I've always stuck to these three golden rules: 1. Stay the fuck away from Kwik-Fit 2. Stay the fuck away from Kwik-Fit 3. Stay the fuck away from Kwik-Fit
  • Naz, U.
    I went in there once for a service before setting off on a long journey. They did an oil change and left the pipe detached, I dripped oil for miles and miles, when I got to my destination there was a huge puddle of oil under the car, the entire scratch tray under the car was full of oil, it had stuck all over the exhaust and everywhere, the whole car stank of the oil for weeks. Refused to go in there again however was caught out once with a dead battery, went in to get a quote for a new one, guy said it would be £137.55 fitted, or £180 with a 5 year-warranty. I decided not to bother and went online instead; for a top-range battery with the same warranty it was £70! Fitted it myself referring to a Youtube video. I bet the battery they would have fitted would have been a budget model too!!!!
  • Ian
    Kwik_fit chancers. Visited branch in falkirk with nail in tyre. Surprise the nails to big to repair the tyre which was lodged in tyre centre. Ok then.. i need a new tyre i was told. No chance i said . I went to another local tyre centre not kwik fit. Tyre was repaired no quibble. Simple puncture to repair. Bottom line they tried to get me to buy a new tyre i did not need. Blah
  • rab
    asked my local kwikfit about prices for front shocks told me they would have to take them of to see what kind were needed ! I asked cant you look it up on your computer, he said it don't let us do that !
  • Graham H.
    I went for a quote for an exhaust for my old Mitsubishi charisma and was told it had to be especially made and would cost £284.95 for middle and back pipes.Fast Fit Plus at Halesowen did it for£152.25 plus vat.Big difference. Good bye Kwick Fit
  • J
    well today had my car at kwikfit for mot and service.. surprise surprise car was fine when it went in.. had a phone call 20mins ago to say that there was a bulge in my tyre.. false.. all my brakes needed replaced.. false as ikno at least my front ones were done 4months ago.. damage to my nearside mirror which was fine when the car was dropped off.. all 4 tyres would need replaced as there the wrong size.. in total they want £1200 to carry out the work!!! COWBOYS!!!
  • A
    Took car in for free brake check to be told car had badly damaged cv boot and I needed new brake pads and discs. Wanted to charge over £450 for the work. Went to get a second opinion at a reputable garage and was told car only had snapped cv boot clip which can be replaced very cheap and brake discs and pads were fine! Says it all really!
  • andy007007

    Another "scam" they try is you bulb on the wing has blown, it's only £5, it the principle, stop ripping people off. Or your wipers are shot, we know my son's were not as we only changed them a little while ago. Never trust them, I'm reporting them to trading standards.

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