"Just for you to know, now I am Wikipedia's scientist."

2 June 2011

Bitterwallet - best spam ever

Hey, it's Susan! You know, you were at school together! That horny girl, the teacher's daughter, yeah? Avid Bitterwallet reader Emily was no doubt impressed by Susan's high-profile appointment at Wikipedia and will be popping pills in no time.

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  • Boris
    I remember her. Horny as hell: ugly as sin. By coincidence I work as Wikipedia’s resident gynaecologist. Send piccies if you need help.
  • Nick T.
    I've had her.
  • Esarty
    My fox has had her
  • ShaunnyBwoy
    I went to an all boys school...
  • We S.
    [...] text message is nowhere near as good at this email though. Wikipedia’s scientist indeed. Leave a [...]

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