JUST-EAT warn of scam email. They don't have a free tenner for you...

Online takeaway service JUST-EAT have today issued an email letting their subscribers know that there is currently a scam email circulating purporting to be offering £10 takeaway credit when the recipient completes a quick survey.

To be fair, the emails do look pretty genuine until you get to the part asking you to confirm your personal credentials.

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JUST-EAT have said:

Dear JUST EAT Customer,

The online security of our customers is really important to JUST EAT.

We will never ask you to enter your JUST EAT account details or any personal information via email. And we don't store payment information or card details anywhere in our systems.

Some customers are receiving particularly sophisticated scam emails. These emails look like they come from JUST EAT and ask you to enter personal and JUST EAT account details.

Unfortunately, email scams are all too common on the internet. We encourage you to remain vigilant online, frequently change your passwords and make sure your passwords are robust.

If you have any questions you can contact JUST-EAT at [email protected]


  • Jeremy B.
    So even the chip shop is a dangerous plaice.
  • OlPeculier
    Sent by the Codfather.
  • Mike
    This sort of thing is unlikely to curry favour with those who remain sceptical of online takeaway ordering.
  • Olly
    Bravo to the Just Eat comms team. They have managed to convince everyone that their data breach was not a data breach. These emails aren't just from someone who has copied and pasted the Just Eat email template (which is simple to do and lots of spam emails do) but they contain personal data (name, phone number, postal address) from the Just Eat database. Yet no-one has picked up on that and instead everyone, including Bitterwallet, has run with the line that it is just someone pretending to be Just Eat, who are an unfortunate victim.

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