Jewel shop robbery averted by crimebusting old lady

FINALLY... someone gets what the ‘Big Society’ is all about. But why it has to be an elderly woman who shows the rest of us the way is a little bit baffling.

Here’s the unnamed old biddy in question, doing the job of the police by stopping a jewellery shop robbery in Northampton, sprinting to the scene from a fair old distance before setting about the robbers with her handbag.

See how it’s only when she’s knocked one of them to the floor that the other lily-livered so-called ‘citizens’ join in and apprehend the vagabond. Not to mention the weasel who stood back and filmed the whole thing. Actually, we’ll let him off because without his not brave efforts, we wouldn’t have got to see any of it.

There should be a place for this old woman in the cabinet of the government of this once-proud land. Assuming she went to Eton that is...


  • Internet t.
    You're just reposting the news!!
  • Tweedskin
    I love the way that people are happy to film this old lady give em what for without helping. Then suddenly when only one robber remains (and when he's on the floor) that's when people decide to help. Kick em when he's down (and a lot less of a threat!).
  • Bloke
    Looks contrived to me. She's running at a fair old pace for an "old woman" and when she bends down to pick something up she does it in one clean movement.
  • Paul C.
    I enjoyed the way she bombs across the road like Super Gran. She should have got on one of the mopeds and given chase. Shame on all the younger people who stood by.
  • The B.
    Hold on, didn't an old boy do this in Richmond a couple of years ago?
  • Tom
    What was with that white van man? Had he just committed a robbery too? I think the majority of the population would not get involved: 1 as no one else would back them up and they would all stand around and watch them get kicked to death and 2 that old woman will probably be brought up on gbh charges.

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