Is Splatt about to try another scam? Let us know


Last Christmas we exposed a consumer scam called Splatt; a gift catalogue was delivered to thousands of households in Scotland in the month before Christmas, their deals on iPads and Uggs were literally too good to be true - consumers placed orders online or by telephone, the orders never arrived and Splatt made off with the money.

We managed to blow their cover before Christmas and report them to the authorities; the operation closed down shortly after. The previous year, an identical scam called Focus Clothing got away with over a million pounds.

So we were a little alarmed to hear from avid Bitterwallet reader Lyn earlier today about possible new activity:

I have just received a splatt catalogue through my door, I live in scotland. Went online to read all this, how on earth are they still able to send this out ?? Thankfully I’m fortunate enogh to dicover this website is unavailabe but its now Aug 2011 and there still at it somehow.

We can't find an active website under Splatt's previous name; we've replied to Lyn and asked for details about the catalogue - contact information, scans of the product pages etc. It's possible that Lyn has somehow received an old catalogue from last year's batch - both Splatt and Focus Clothing waited until the end of the year before targetting consumers, so the timing is unusual.

However, if this is genuine then it's important to act quickly and ensure nobody else is a victim.It's very likely a similar scam will crop up again this Christmas, but for now we want to hear from anybody who has also received a Splatt catalogue recently; is this a random instance of an old catalogue still in circulation - or is Splatt active again and attempting to scam more customers?

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  • Dick
    This just shows how shit Royal Mail are.

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