iPod Nano: Now a spy camera on cash machines

9 January 2015

spy_title_cropped Thieves eh? They're tricksy buggers. The latest scam that's afoot (which reports like this will advertise to other sods to try out themselves, where once they wouldn't have thought of it) is using iPod Nano devices as spy cameras on cash points!

The police were notified of an ATM in Gatley near Stockport and there, they found a camera fashioned from an iPod Nano, duct tape and a home made plastic front.

GMP Stockport tweeted a number of photos of the device and obviously, warned everyone about them, while asking us all to keep an eye out for them.

They said: "Reports of an ATM in #Gatley being found with a card reader and mini camera attached to it. Be vigilant when using them....It was the one on Northenden Road."

"From experience they tend to leave the devices on for only a short time...First pic shows the ATM with devices attached. Second the fake front. Third pic shows the camera. We find most of them in the evening. They are usually placed near pubs and restaurants etc."


Obviously, if you see them and want to scupper some criminals from spying on you, contact the police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.

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