Hotmail and Outlook outages anger everyone in 1998

14 March 2013

Most of the modern world will have missed the fact that, lately, there's been a lot of outages with Microsoft's new Outlook and Hotmail services. The main abacus server has lost some beads and the man who powers the push notifications by coal has probably died.

For those of you who still call Snickers 'Marathons' and are wearing Global Hypercolor t-shirts, you've been complaining that you can't access your email through these decrepit channels.

The outages occurred in the last 24 hours and Microsoft admitted a problem last night, and said fixing the problem is taking "longer than expected." Tens of people are said to be mildly inconvenienced by all this and have been using their Excite! accounts for back-up and complaining on their LiveJournals.

"We apologise for the length interruption in service," the company added, and vowed to have this sorted by lunchtime in the UK.

Amusingly, Microsoft launched in February calling it "a vision for modern email." All the Hotmail email accounts will be migrated to this new services as the months go on. Meanwhile, everyone else has a Gmail account or a Mac address.

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  • Fat S.
    Fuck off Mof I use hotmail because its what I originally signed up to in fucking 2002.
  • Davie
    Out of interest, what does everyone else use...? We don't really use AOL in the UK, Yahoo doesn't exist with my generation (23yo) and under, at least in Devon. Gmail...? I have an account but don't like that there's no folders, I like to be extremely organised, mainly due to travelling and needing access to flight detail etc, I know you can use tags on Gmail but it's not as clear especially on mobile...
  • whatever
  • Quality Q.
    Jesus christ, this is the first time I've felt compelled enough to join the mentally unwell and comment on here. The quality of the 'news' that is dribbling down your newsfeed is beyond terrible. I'm sure you have great aspirations, but this is just pathetic. Could you perhaps.. I don't know... up the game a touch, as I'm fairly certain infant children could provide better content.
  • Archie
    Microsoft at least don't scour your emails and sell all the data on like google do.
  • Wonkey H.
    I still bum foxes.
  • klingelton
    reading the articles top down, I read the one about potholes. I thought "well played Mof, you've upped your game today!" Then I read this drivel. The point of your article was lost while you were trying to be funny.
  • Hello
    fucking hell, i cant believe you get aid for writing complete shit like this, seriously even the daily mail wouldn't employ you
  • Barry S.
    I got my hotmail account in 1996 before Microsoft bought it. Bow down before me, peasants.
  • Dr Z.
    Yahoo's the future. The future I tell you! Woo-woo-woo-woo....etc.
  • Reser
    Davie - Gmails labels are identical to folders in any other email, there is nothing you can do with folders that you can not do with a label, it basically is a folder with a different name. Hell you can probably do more with labels then you can with "folders"
  • Sawyer
    Get with the times, Mof. has been pretty well-received and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who actually switched away from Gmail to use it. Integration of Skydrive and support for personal domains (which Google now charge for) are other bonuses. Sorry, but it's your article that looks tired and old rather than the Microsoft services you're ridiculing.
  • jo
    I liked the article, read it out to my boyfriend who uses hotmail. I've been trying to get him to switch to using his gmail as the primary account because I''m not confident in the security of hotmail. And the layout and interface is bloody awful.
  • Terry
    I use hotmail and have never once had a problem. I think you are using your own oppinions rather than facts in this article.
  • JonB FTW ;-)
  • Rob
    "Meanwhile, everyone else has a Gmail account or a Mac address." I used hotmail in the 90s until broadband in 2002 (at which point hotmail had 110 million users) then was happy with ISP webmail as hotmail got spammed to death. Went over to Gmail 3 years ago, as started using google calendar and chrome. Switched to outlook last year, easily my favourite to date, love the interface. I also use a Mac, chrome browser, windows phone 8, and my chosen cloud service is Dropbox, just to mix things up a bit :)
  • Andy
    Davie; In regards to your folders question it is possible to emulate them using tags which applies to mobile devices too. For example I use my Gmail account on my iPhone (soon to be android so interested on how it's handled there) and have tags set up in Gmail for INBOX/FOLDERNAME This generates a folder structure that can be used by IMAP and Exchange clients alike. I've not tried it using the Gmail native client but I suspect it should work in a similar way. Hope this helps you to some extent.
  • hotmail r.
    Andy - don't be a dickless chicken, why should he have to emulate anything, hotmail / outlook works as a fully fledged email client, unlike the competition.
  • Dale S.
    I logged onto my account this morning and found that my Hotmail acct had been converted to Outlook. I did not chose this - I want my Hotmail back. OF course, there is no one to contact to get this done. I don't care if it is better (or worse) - Microsoft give me a choice and Microsoft now has decided to ignore my choice. Maybe it is time for gmail.

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