High-speed Apple robbery - shocking yet deeply impressive

3 September 2009

There’s so many levels on which you can enjoy this footage of a high-speed smash and grab robbery on an Apple store in Marlton, New Jersey.

If you’re an Apple-hater, you’ll enjoy seeing the evil Jobs getting turned over in just half a minute; if you pine for the return of Supermarket Sweep, you’ll enjoy seeing the speed with which the robbers get the job done; and if you enjoy hysterical news coverage that makes an armed raid sound like a sporting event, then there’s something here for you as well.

Just don’t try this in PC World – the security guards might not get you but you could get tangled up in a fog of slow-moving staff members mimicking your body language as they try to persuade you to steal a bunch of copies of Norton as well.


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  • TV's B.
    Well now, what a great bitterwallet iphone related story to kick start my 2 week ban from HUKDs for calling a liar a liar. Keep it up andy - these days are long without being able to chat with a select bunch of misfits more damaged than I am.
  • paolo
    The 'Magsafe" power adapters worked well :o)
  • Rob
    That video is about 2 minutes too long.
  • eViL c.
    Those crims aren't that "savvy" ... they stole Apple products for crying out loud. You may as well steal the contents of my handkerchief during flu season. I guess it's a testament to the power of an effective advertising campaign ... it can make even the sh*test of products desirable. ... then again maybe they're onto something. Who in their right mind would pay for that stuff in the first place. I'm hoping this catches on worldwide. "want to find the best escape route to avoid police? There's an app for that"
  • Jeffrey A.
    The news reader at the start looks a bit like a cross between Des Lynam and Bruce Forsythe.
  • randoof
    is it me or does the security guard come running out pulling his trousers up?
  • Apple s.
    LOL Those fanboys are getting desperate and no longer can afford to buy this overpriced crap.
  • Lumoruk
    lol randoof, they just being pulled down by his 8 x DD maglite
  • Geoff J.
    They are called professional robbers for having a little bit of common sense, by covering their faces. Using the quickest paths to grab the goods. etc News reporting at its best
  • me
    hahaha that was fantastic, shows the difference between US news teams and those in the UK, was more like watching the Grand National!! Loved the phone number too, sounded like he had just made it up as he was going along.
  • Maude
    They just need to monitor the Apple Store for a purchase of 31 power adapters.
  • Jase
    @Maude Exactly what I thought. Even though the reporter said "leaving only the price tags", you even knew beforehand that a smash 'n' grab would leave all the power fixtures. I was in an Electronic Exchange about a month ago and there was 2 guys infront of me in the queue. You blatantly knew they'd stolen what they were trying to sell...Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PS3, all of them without any power or AV cables.
  • Jericho
    Now that was efficient.
  • Steve B.
    was the "blunt instrument" the copy of "Big, Brown and Wide - Reader's Wives Edition" that the still semi-firm security guard had just discarded in panic? Priceless piece.
  • PrickLane
    Well Apple rob us blind- so I enjoyed watching this...
  • Me
    Morons, they didn't take the power adaptors. Battery life aint that great! Only in America!!
  • Lord H.
    Obviously these yeggs have good taste: no one wants those dreadful PC contraptions.
  • Eh?
    Lol, a robbery in an Apple store... In America. Only Bitterwallet could come up with an attack on PC World staff.

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