Greed + Epic Stupidity = Probable Jail

You’ve got to be pretty thick to fall for a Nigerian 419 scam email. But the needle has got to be twitching away in the red part of the Thickter Scale if you start nicking from your employer in order to fund the scamsters.

In short, you’d have to be 53-year old American lady Jalaine Noella Holtan. But the thing is, she didn’t steal the money, she only ‘borrowed’ it, against the $10 million she was certain she’d be getting once her ‘investments’ in Nigerian ‘diamonds’ and ‘oil’ had matured.

Inevitably, poor Jalaine got nabbed and she’s due in court next month. The whereabouts of her $10 million windfall are still unknown, although you'll probably get an email soon offering it to you.

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