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19 August 2010

Bitterwallet - Andy is the three-handed JesusThings are changing around these parts.

Slowly and surely, you'll discover that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train, but our lord Jesus Christ (bearing a striking resemblance to Andy) - iPhone in one hand, a copy of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 in the other (cough), and playing with his parts until they pop with his third. Yes, he's Jesus, he can have three hands if he wants.

Yep, Bitterwallet will shortly be ascending to a higher plane of existence, and we're taking you lot with us. First of all, some dull but necessary administration to take care of. See our email address on the right hand side? It's a Gmail address. Rubbish. We assumed we'd have ran out of crap to publish long before now, so we never got around to changing it.

Now we have. If you want to get in touch with story leads, tips or photos of boobies - all three are very welcome - send them to Everything else - queries, questions, photos of boobies - send them to

It's all going on, as the kids say.

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  • Alex
    Perhaps would have been useful?
  • Codifu
    Is there any reason to attempt to obfuscate the email address in this post by putting "-at-" instead of "@", when any spambot with malicious intentions could simply harvest the unobfuscated plain mailto link at the side of the page?
  • Codifu
    P.S. Story idea? Ridiculously silly audiophile blogger (who has spent literally tens of thousands on his home hi-fi rig) talks bollocks about how his expensive SATA cables manage to carry the digital 1s and 0s from his hard disk better than a normal SATA cable: "The most marked and worthwhile difference, I felt, was in the increased naturalness in both the sound of instruments and voices, which seemed more organic,human and less ‘electronic’, and in the music’s rhythmical progression, which was also more natural and had the realistic ebb and flow that musicians exhibit when playing live."
  • Peter D.
    I did a critique of Bitterwallet yesterday and was shocked, my hands trembling at the abusive replies. It's like when a masked mystery bloke hurls abuse at you in a pub and you can't finish your babycham. I cried - I mean nobody 'knows who the fuck' I am! I'm a 'cunt'! T'would make a sailor blush! This entire website is a mini Gilgamesh' deluge wherein spam of free crap, disgusting looking food and 'very important and pertinent' information which is er...probably news nicked from somewhere else unite for greater good & hodge-podge. We're awarding this fine establishment and its welcoming staff with a Blarghgog Award 2010 - we're a very 'serious' website. So serious that Paul Nikkel will receive a T-shirt, a spray painted gold plastic trophy, and £10 donated to a charity of his choice. How's that for free stuff Paul? Best offer you ever encountered? Nikkels ain't worth a dime anymore after all. The Internet: Serious business. Pete, drunkard-in-chief at
  • Jonny S.
    And so Peter chooses to deludedly place himself on some 'higher plane' of existance and trample all over us mere mortals for being barbaric and not-so-self-important. You obviously have some kind of problem in the respect that this blog gets hits when it doesn't conform to what you think is the correct way of doing things. I for one use this blog to keep on top of genuine consumer based news (and there is actually some occasionally) and a good laugh! I look at your website and the stories you post on there are far too varied ranging from well, the bland to moderately interesting (for me, but these thing are as always a matter of opinion). Peter this blog REALLY isn't for you, it for the most part consists of piss takers, overly darkly sarcastic people who have wound you up by calling you a cunt, which is exactly what they intended to do in the first place, and people who just do not care about your website or self-loving self-serious taking 'I run a website therefore I'm super important' attitude. PS. I do notice you're no longer putting your name as a hyper link BUT can't help putting the as your signature.
  • PokeHerPete
    Peter, please send your gripes to [email protected] Notice the slightly different domain name, don't worry, its just to ensure that someone who cares will receive your concerns. Its not the that im actually defending BitterWallet but I particularly dislike bloggers who attempt to think that they are superior to others or original when they too post rehashed news from other sources, and then go around spamming their site because noone actually visits your site. I wouldn't rule out the fact that you probably intentionally tried to start up some kind of argument you you can get as many mentions of DirtyGaylord as you can on another site. However I do apologise that I offended you by saying the word 'fuck', I understand that you are not used to the word due the majority of your readers being full time mothers. I would recommend installing a good internet filter to avoid being offended in the future. Pete, attempting to be humorous signature in attempt to look cool and sidestep the fact that I repost news from reddit, at
  • Nobby
    Pictures of sula sula, sula granti, sula nebouxii (my favourite) and sula variegata are on their way to you. Enjoy your boobies.
  • Nobby
    @Peter Demain ,,, "Pete Demain – an ever-arrogant interloper - stepped in to criticize the coventional blog format: 3 to 5 posts a day meaning lots of tedious scrolling to see content:" What you don't realise is that is what many people reading blogs want. I prefer to read a few funny (but short) posts, the odd serious one, and in particular the comments by readers. And because they post all the day long, it keeps me coming back throughout the day. Your format of one or two stories, possibly three if they are very short, doesn't work for me. The post you cut and paste, and a little to, are just way to long to read. I'm bored by the time I hit the third line if the point of the post is not clear. I'd never make it to the bottom of one of your posts. For me there is not lots of tedious scrolling on BW, as I tend to read it all, and have a laugh at the picture which is often very well selected. I'd find that (if I ever went to your site again, which I am very unlikely to do) I would have to scroll a lot just to skip the boring text, before reading the headline and skipping the text to the next one. Also, you have so little interesting content, that I would not return during the day. It would be (if I ever cared about going back) a once a day activity. The other thing that is great about bitterwallet is the readers' comments. They are often funnier than the posts themselves. This is something your site lacks. Many posts have "Nobody Responded To This Post". Presumably that is because (i) your readers don't care enough about the story to post, (ii) your readers don't reach the bottom of the story as they are bored, (iii) your readers are too thick to post, (iv) you don't have any readers, except your mum or (v) your mum is too busy giving out free blow-jobs in the local mall. Oh, I've used that word mall instead of shopping centre - another problem is it is not clear whether you are trying to attract UK or US readers. I assume by posting on UK sites, you are trying to round up readers from the UK, but to me, your site is just not interesting. There is way too much about the Guardian. In fact, the only comments made by readers seem to be about the Guardian. Your opening page is also way to messy. There is so much text, which means a lot of scanning by eye to look for something interesting. That is why I will stick to BW rather than your site.
  • The B.
    Has anyone read Jeffrey Deaver's Roadside Crosses? It revolves around a holier than thou pompous arsehole of a blogger, although for the life of me I can't think why I brought that up.
  • Nobby
    > Pete, drunkard-in-chief at That signature to me reads like something David Brent would say. It's a bit behind the times. So you have a website and you (say you) get drunk. So what? Anyone can do that. Getting readers is something else. Obviously something you are trying to do, but failing. Maybe you need to sober up a bit and realise what people want from a blog.
  • PokeHerPete
    "That signature to me reads like something David Brent would say." Awesome!
  • Jonny S.
    @ The Real Bob....LOL awesome post! :) I'm sure all this feedback will now be dissected and they'll sit there drinking green tea tutting and rolling their eyes, I'm sure they'll even pitty us poor retards.
  • PaulH
    ^ Yeah what everyone else said and also your website looks like monkey balls
  • Peter D.
    Your shower of fuckers.. You know nothing. Hairy arsed chavs the lot of you. To hell with your BW. Peter, editor
  • Jonny S.
    LOL! Finally he's got the message!
  • Mark
    Aw, bless. You win a golden handbag for sense of humour failure.
  • Mark
    Well I for one welcome our new(ish) slightly inferior chipboard overlords. If only so that I can take my rubbish old MFI wardrobe back there and set fire to it in their car park.
  • peter b.
    hahahs what a cock - amazed at the amount of tits that get upset when ripped to shreds by you fine bunch of bastards re Bitterwallet - if you dont like the abuse FUCK OFF Peter demain ( peter the man ?) are you or as we seem to have drawn out some sad little fucker without a sense of humour you are not a cunt they are usefull ........

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