Energy providers hoarding our cash - even Girls Aloud in PVC outfits can't help!

Sadly, we can’t work a consumer angle around the pictures of PVC-clad Girls Aloud that have emerged today, so here’s something else instead.

Which? Money have accused energy suppliers of using our money as ‘interest free loans’, storing up customers’ cash paid via monthly direct debit until they’re in significant credit.

Martyn Hocking, editor of Which? Money, said: “It seems incredible that energy companies can take hundreds of pounds more than they need to from their customers, and profit from the interest that this money will earn at our expense.

“Even though interest rates are low at the moment, it is still possible to get more than 3% interest in a best-buy instant access savings account. While times are tough, people would benefit from having this money in their own account rather than in their energy suppliers.”

Overly excessive direct debit payments tops the list of customers’ gripes against the energy providers, with around a quarter of us in credit by more than £100 to these grabbing scum-suckers. Using a comparison site like uSwitch might help you find a cheaper provider as well as bagging you a few quid when your current provider is forced to cough up what they owe you when you hot-foot it off to one of their rivals.

Girls Aloud were unavailable for comment.


  • -=Mike H.
    Girls aloud were unavailable for comment, as they are round Mike's house gettin' the livin' be-jesus nailed out of them, wearin' PVC suits, slobber, slobber, the Energy providers can suck me off too, then stick 'my' £10 notes back into my ass crack and moob clevage.
  • acecatcher3
    ^^^ lol man no wonder ur comments are moderated. @andy do u remember u did an article a while ago about a man who was questioning his bill, i think it was an energy bill and they overcharged him like £26 but he found out that they had done it to millions of customers...........surely even if they had to give the money bk to the ppl they would make a large amount of money thru interest?? ill go find article now as its more fun than actually working.
  • acecatcher3 here it is.........v naughty that eh?? keep the money in account building interest then giving bk money owed and keeping profit.
  • Ows
    You're quite entitled to ask for your money back. I was in credit to the tune of £1,500 with energy supplier SWALEC - I got the money put straight back into my account then and there, and also reduced my monthly bill. The most recent quarterly bill came back and I, once again, was in credit to the tune of £270 - so not only did I recoup the cash, but I reduced my monthly direct debit by another £30. Claw back what you can folks, all money is good money!
  • magicbeans
    easy there mike...maybe a day away from the net and actually talking to a woman might help u
  • acecatcher3
    whats happening mb, any news for me? x
  • Jamie
    In our house at the moment, our provider keeps upping our direct debit, based on their estimate (which always seems inflated). It's getting tiresome having to keep calling them to get them to reduce the direct debit down to what it was, which has worked comfortably for a very long time. This article helps confirm we're not just going mad.
  • -=Mike H.
    OK MB, yo Grans poppin' round later G, we're gonna have a 'seshhhhh'
  • Girls B.
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