eBay scam still going strong, people still falling for it

Woah, sweet auction you've got going on there, mister!
Bitterwallet - eBay scam
Two days left and a starting bidding of $10! And you've carefully included all the specs too, so there's no doubt in my mind that this is a genuine auction and you're not going to just sell me an empty box or anything so unscrupulous!

What's that? Read the small print, you say?

Winner of this auction will receive a link to the Apple online store where you can order an Apple ipad2 16 gb wifi tablet computer.

Winner of this auction will not receive an ipad 2 from me.

No refunds, no returns, no cancelling.

Do not bid if you know how to order an ipad 2 from Apple online store.

Please read carefully before bidding.

Oh, it's a scam! But these have been going around for years - it's not like people are still falling for this sort of thing, is it? Maybe you can buy an iPad 3 on there...



  • Joanna
    It is an age old scam, and generally ebay will remove the listing if it is reported.On the subject, I recommend watching this its brilliant! : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcFAaV7NyT4
  • Ayrtzk
    Anybody who lost the money on Ebay or Paypal or any other online system should report it as loses then they filling tax declaration.

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