eBay introduce another major fee increase

Bitterwallet - eBay eBad It looks like eBay have stuck the knife into their users yet again with another major fee hike. If you sell ‘buy it now’ items, you’ll shortly be forking out a lot more in final value fees, which means that more of your slice will be going to eBay and probably Paypal whenever you sell something of value.

In an email to users, eBay say...

On 21 July 2011, the final value fee for fixed price listings (Buy It Now) will be changed to a flat rate of 10%, up to a maximum £40. This new flat fee replaces the current tiered structure, making it simpler and easier for you to calculate up-front the fees you'll pay. As before, you won't pay any final value fee if your items don't sell. The new calculations only apply to items listed or scheduled to start on or after the 21 July 2011.

So, as HotUKDeals user mumbojumbo says, “At the moment, a £300 technology item attracts a final value fee of £8.17. From 21st July it will be £30!!!!!” But mumbojumbo, you don’t understand – as eBay have said, the new flat fee makes it “simpler and easier for you to calculate up-front the fees you'll pay”. See? It’s easier! Even though it’s costing you over £20 more than it used to, it’s EASIER.

Without wishing to seem crass, it seems like a good time for us to recommend that you abandon eBay and use the HotUKDeals spin-off trading site FOLK instead. Other trading/auction sites are available...


  • Chris
    Ebay, tied in with Paypal (more fees!), has become far too greedy. I can certainly see other auction sites growing ion popularity, I for one will not be selling so much on ebay.
  • Dick
    Don't they already charge 10% FVF for auctions anyway (for non-business). They are still cheaper than many auction firms, who typically charge at least 10% seller AND buyer commission, often 15% for both.
  • WewtTrade
    The fees are the least of Ebay's problems, they're driving sellers away in droves due to the shambolic and easy to abuse 'Detailed Seller Rating' system. I stopped selling there this week - it has become a horrible place to try and do business. Just take a look at Ebay's seller forums - Ebay has very few satisfied customers it seems.
  • Fanny F.
    I want to cut eBay's face!
  • Rob
    Sorry, but you need to get your facts straight. This is primarily for privately registered sellers (many of whom are businesses masquerading as private sellers). They should think themselves extremely lucky that eBay don't enforce their own rules rigorously enough, otherwise the fees could be as much as 12% with NO CAP. Ebay gives private sellers free listing weekends every fortnight, which damages the ability of many genuine businesses to sell on the site, and is abused regularly by sellers who should be business registered. Selling privately is encouraged, the new fees won't harm that, but it's only slightly less attractive. Even at the highest rates, eBay is STILL a cheaper (by some distance) venue than Amazon, and although it may be more expensive than some of the other sites, they generate far more traffic than any of the other smaller sites.
  • Alexis
    Read this email and immediately thought "yeah, but I bet you're actually putting the prices up." Just didn't expect them to be going up quite so much! I hate eBay. They've got a monopoly and there's no decent competition. I wish Google would set one up.
  • Milky
    Hates ebay. wishes there were decent uk alternatives, however ebay simply buys them up when they reach a certain size! ...ebay are a law unto themselves.... I'm now using weebly.com to try & recoup the money down the drain from ebay.. whilst not an auction site it's a great drag & drop site vehicle that takes paypal... so design & then hopefully float away from your reliance upon ebay!
  • Dick
    I never really understand the "I wish google would do it" line. If there was money in offering a cheaper service, google would have done it. Why would they ruin their reputation getting involved in person to person disputes about quality and receipt of goods? If someone bought something not up to scratch on googleauctions, then google's reputation would be hit. They would have to do the same as ebay and PayPal - so if there is no proof of delivery, they would have to refund. They would have to police the site to be better than ebay. All ebays problems would just be copied by google. All this costs money. Small sites like FO.LK are great for what they do, but would die if they were significantly larger.
  • Russell
    I think the removal of the buyer rating was the thing that drove me away from eBay. Well, that and the fact they put up the monthly price for business sellers, as it's hard enough to make a profit as it is, what with all the sellers in China offering stuff for cheaper than the postage on the things you are trying to sell.
  • Hugh J.
    Ebay, that one "word" drives me to feel the need to deal wrath. Their "customer services" is pathetic. I once sold a person a "rubber camera eye piece" because he wanted the part of a camera I was already selling for parts. When he got the "rubber camera eye piece", the eejit reported me for selling him a "rubber camera eye piece".. I was forced to refund the bastard with no help but humiliation from Ebay. This also goes for three other things I have sold on that shit site, and the moaning bastards decided they wanted a refund, so deviously complained about me.. Ebay is running the monopoly with Paypal. The only way we can do anything about it is, go find other auction sites. but then again, where else can we find "rubber camera eye piece".
  • Steve
    Yeah? Well eBay can cram their fucking fee increase up their shitbox sideways. I'm fucking off to eBid.
  • WewtTrade
    Steve, why don't you say what you're really feeling? ;p Good move on Ebid, seems to be gaining ground slowly but surely, and a far nicer and less stressful place to do business. With the current exodus of sellers from Ebay, it should accelerate the growth and sales there.
  • eBay �.
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  • Dick
    eBid has been "gaining ground" since 1998. Every year there is an exodus of sellers from eBay for one reason or another, yet it never seems to make any impact. Probably because there are very few buyers.
  • klingelton
    ebay used to be good. it's now shite. stuff on there is all OP, eveyone has horror stories, mine is paying fees twice, i had the evidence that i'd already paid, but they didn't want to know. They're liars and cheats. but scouring ebay sure does kill some time at work!
  • kreativebargains
    I left eBay for eBid in November after ending up with low DSR's. Included several for item not as described where they claimed a refund for item not delivered, another did'nt pay and left negative, another said it did'nt fit but could'nt be arsed sending it back and left negative. eBays answer, sort it out with the idiots concerned. Had a similar idiot on eBid, they sorted it out and removed the negative within half an hour of my email. Sales are nowhere near eBay levels, they are improving, slowly, and I have actually sold expensive items that did not sell on eBay. It really is worth the switch just for the reduced stress and the fact that a big chunk of your sales don't go in fees.
  • ebay s.
    Ebay fucked me over a laptop i sold - seller said all welel- 2 sweeks later filed a dispute stating not as advertised - even after leaving positive feedback - i asked them to return to find the machine smashed on one side - ebay refunded this slag, I phoned the fuchtard at ebay, wrote sent pictures of the damgage ebay said well you can fix it and put it back on the ebay and they havent refunded me the seller fees either - fucking total cunts not fucking ionteretsed on bit - but how the hell can the small man take these fuckers on you cant , quite simply.
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    Ebay is awesome. If you're a buyer. If you go on there to sell, you need your bumps feeling. This is why God invented Car Boot sales.
  • PokeHerPete
    I wouldn't trust selling anything over £10 on eBay caus all the lying fucktards have to do is say they didn't receive it and get refunded without question.
  • absy909
    For business sellers selling high end watches and jewellery, we now pay 12% in final value fees as we are in the clothing and accessories catagory. So if we sell a £3800 pre owned rolex, ebay help themselves to around £456 ..pure profiterring!! Sellers will leave or prices will become uncomepetitive ...or sellers will do everything possible to get people to buy outside ebay (own website, paypal invoice, bacs transfer etc..). Thier Greed is making them more money now but may come back to haunt them in the long run.
  • Bob S.
    The only way to make them realistic about charges, and improve the terrible customer service we all read about, is to NOT use them. Nothing will change until the revenue stream falls. I'm with Milky on this one - we need a good UK alternative, and fast.
  • george
    I sense a revoloution coming on :). I agree, ebay has had too much of a mon0poly on the market. They now own paypal too. On a £400.00 phone you used to be charged around £9.56 in final value fees, now you are being charged £40.00 then paypal take their cut so you lose about £56.00. I agree, sellers will just ask for payment outside of ebay and obviously alot of fraudsters will profit from this. Ebay are useless when you try to report conmen on there, even if you are just trying to help someone else, they keep you waiting for ages. You end up giving up, due to having to wait 40 mins and you know someone will be ripped off by the person. If enough people switch sites then it can only be good for competition to the ebay mafia.. let the revolution begin.
  • Jay
    As a seller of electronics (laptops, ipad, iphones e.t.c) it was never worth selling on auction because the crazy fees. i always did bin with best offer. Now ebay is a no go area!
  • Warwick H.
    Flea Bay are on the greedy road to oblivion. Its the buyer who will suffer in the end, all the sellers do is whack up the postage, what amazes me is I can get a package from China in 6 days post free but to get that same package from York to Newcastle will take 4 days and cost a packet. Americans are the worst for ripping you off on mail charges £24 to mail a watch over - no way.
  • cyber w.
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  • 97
    prob is you hear of like 20 different places. use ebid,ubid,ibid,bidme, blahblahblah. we need ONE super awesome established place to take the place as competition. for example craigslist could use google checkout for small goods that can be shipped /make a basic feedback and buyer protection is there already through credit card/ checkout. they wouldn't have to charge anything at all to list to the world -they could make a sweetheart deal with who ever does checkout (they get like 3% fair enough)...and just get a slice of that for bringing so much money changing. simple listings - plenty of free image hostings sellers could use themselves. all they would need to do is make a basic +/- fb and add a gallery - they got most else. so either google says consumer junk trade is > ebay ad payments, someone like craigslist bunps it up a notch OR someone with serious bank manages to chop ebays lawyers down and set up something like freebay or some other play on words (since they think they own the letter E and word bay!) as it is now its a ton of wanna bes that will never bes. we have got to settle somewhere and ANY major name has a real opportunity here to get some serious cash.
  • Jay
    Just like to say that my account was hacked recently on eBay and after thinking I was just unlucky I've found that this is quite common. If anything is going to let them think about the disgusting and unwarranted price increase then this surely is. Get your security right before thinking of increasing your fees. After finding I'd ordered stuff that wasn't mine and that I didn't order, It took 3 - 4 days for then to get back to me to tell me I'd been hacked. A ridiculous amount of time to come back to me for such an important matter.
  • gmorris
    Sold one item for £390 on ebay they charged £46 final value fee then paypal fee the another fee to transfer then listing fee over £60 in total they said they have to charge more for jewelry disgusting ! this is the rule for old ladies everyone alike why is this legal

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