Eaton Properties - spam masters of the universe!

If there was an award for the most dickish and underhanded use of spam in company marketing, Bitterwallet would today be handing out that award to Eaton Properties. Seriously, they'd clean up. Their magnificence in pouring irrelevant and unwanted emails into my inbox, like a diarrhetic cow shitting into a shoe, truly knows no bounds.

For reasons best left to the property industry, I've received spam about buying a new house for the past five years. This, I suspect, is all because I once enquired about buying a property overseas. Since then, I've received emails from several dozen other property brokers, and each time I unsubscribe from their unwanted spam. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't; if it doesn't, it's consigned to the spam filter.

Eaton Properties is a South London-based estate agent, with just the one office in Forest Hill. I can confidently say I have never asked for any sort of information from them. Ever. Regardless, this morning they sent some anyway:

Bitterwallet - Eaton properties spam
That's nice, I thought, but since I'm not looking to buy property in Merseyside, I unsubscribed from their emails. The unsubscribe link appeared to work, and I even received an email to tell me I'd unsubscribed. Well, sort of:

Bitterwallet - Eaton Properties spam 2

Which was then, rather oddly, followed by:

Bitterwallet - Eaton Properties spam 3
I'd somehow re-subscribed to a mailing list I'd never subscribed to in the first place, and I'd done so by unsubscribing. And since I was a new subscriber, Eaton Properties wasted no time in immediately emailing me:

Bitterwallet - Eaton Properties spam 3
Unsubscribing for a second time seems to have ended the onslaught from Ryan and his friends. It's probably the worst example of spam we've seen, but we're all ears for your tales of zombie newsletters that simply won't die.


  • The B.
    Just drop him an email telling him you've unsubscribed and if he carries on you'll contact the Office of the Information Commissioner (they actually successfully prosecuted someone for the first time the other week), hopefully that'll shut him up. If it doesn't you can spend what seems like 12 hours of your life filling in the multiple forms and jumping through the multi-hued hoops to make a complaint to the IOC.
  • revenge w.
    If you set up an email rule on your server/gmail to reply with 10 individual emails every time he emails you and send it to an email account that doesn't exist you potentially could kill his mail server with exponential emails for failed message sending :)
  • Dick
    Lookup up the address with a whois search, and post him a brick, unstamped.
  • Bloke
    I found that changing my contact details on the relevant website to the email address of the annoying gits who send it works wonders.

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