Don't drink dodgy booze on NYE, unless you want to go blind

kids booze Getting on the lash this weekend? New Year's Eve is a fine time to party, whether you go out to packed bars, or whether you sit at home getting leathered while watching the fireworks on television.

However, with boozing, always comes a warning. Obviously, you're all drinking responsibly (stop laughing), but you need to keep an eye out for fake alcoholic drinks. Apparently, hundreds of thousands of litres' worth of dodgy, counterfeit alcohol is on sale in Britain.

These drinks often contain lethal chemicals, such as chloroform and isopropanol (you find that in anti-freeze), and a lot of these drinks have been destroyed recently. The Local Government Association (LGA) say that drinking bootleg booze could lead to permanent blindness, kidney and liver problems, and might even kill you.

So what do you do to try and spot this lethal hooch? Well, the easiest thing to do is sniff your drink. Basically, if you have a glass of something that smells like nail varnish, don't drink it. Also, check yourself if you're about to buy some unusually cheap alcohol. Of course, if the label is on wonky, has spelling mistakes, or something doesn't seem right about it, steer clear.

The LGA's Simon Blackburn said: "Everyone likes a bargain, especially at this time of year, but drinking cheap, fake alcohol could seriously harm your health and even kill you, so people should avoid it at all costs."

"Some shopkeepers clearly have questions to answer about how these items arrive on their shelves. They need to think twice about stocking these products as we will always seek to prosecute irresponsible traders."

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