Do You Live In a UK Burglary Hotspot?

25 October 2008

New research indicates that if your homeowner's insurance premiums seem a little high, that's probably because you are in a UK burglary "hot spot".

Price comparison giant Moneysupermarket conducted insurance research revealing some surprising statistics: homes in Bristol's BS7 postcode and Doncaster's DN7 faced the highest risk of buglary.  Almost six per cent of homes in these areas have made a claim for theft or burglary in the last year.

The research also looked at UK postcodes by the frequency of break-ins, concluding that Greater London is the hottest hotspot of them all, with seven out of the top 20 UK postcodes from that region.  Head of insurance research at, Peter Gerrard, said:

"Unfortunately I'm not amazed to see several London postcodes in the top 20 when it comes to theft and burglary, but I didn't expect to see Doncaster and Bristol snatching the top spots from London – especially as their reputations for crime are no rival for the capital. It proves any area, regardless of reputation, can be classed as 'high-risk'."

With the economic downturn and the return of darker winter nights, insurers are urging people to keep their homes more secure.  Simple steps, like closing your window and negotiating the best home insurance deal may help.  If that doesn't work, consider building a human booby trap.  A non-lethal method, like a strong electric shock, rather than explosives, would probably be better.

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