Dear Sony, stop saying Nigeria is full of online criminals

21 September 2009

If we were to ask you which country was the source of most online scams, it'd be reasonable to assume Nigeria would make the top two answers and not finish second. We've all received countless pleas for assistance from the families of Nigeria's disproportionate number of diplomats, executive bankers, missionaries and politicians - all of whom almost, but not quite, have access to eight figure sums of cash. Like the inevitability of jamming a kitchen drawer because the potato masher is the wrong way round, Nigerian scammers are a universal truth, surely?

As long as you don't say it out loud, that's fine. Unlike Sony, who decided to promote the new price point of the PS3 with a big ol' round of advertising, which included a line suggesting Nigeria is rammed to the brim with fraudsters:

The Nigerian Federal Government has now asked Sony to withdraw all advertising and offer an unreserved apology. According to their statement:

"Nigeria demands an unconditional apology from Sony Corporation for this deliberate negative campaign against the country’s image and reputation. The apology must be given the same measure of publicity by Sony Corporation in all channels where the unfortunate adverts were aired."

So Nigeria are expecting Sony to pay for a second advertising campaign on the same scale, that claims nobody in Nigeria is involved in shilling the population of the planet? That'd be a scam in itself, wouldn't it? And in case you didn't find the advert all that entertaining to begin with, here's the return of Joss Whedon's Doctor Horrible and Captain Hammer at last night's Emmys in the US.

God be with you on this glorious day.

[] via [Consumerist]

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  • Sheridan
    The truth will allways HURT...good old sony...LOL
  • PS3Owner
    Old news - SCEA have already replaced the ad with different wording, instead of saying "I'd be a Nigerian Millionaire by now", he says something along the lines of "Don't you know the internet started World War II" or something like that, you don't really notice as the point of the gag is the same. To be honest I think the response from Nigeria was over the top, all Sony were doing was using a pop culture reference - in Western society e-mail spam is synonymous with Nigerian millionaires, that's not SCEA's fault! But better to be safe than sorry, I suppose they wanted to advoid another high profile argument similar to the Resistance: Fall of Man vs the Church of England a few years back...
  • Gunn
    Sony always seem to insult or offend someone, but in this case it is all true so why change it.
  • Annoyed
    Seeing as how I receive between 3 and 4 scams from that particular part of the world on a monthly basis I'd have to say I'm with Sony. Why should they have to apologise for the truth?
  • Mark M.
    If anyone is interested, I actually replied to an email and got the $30 million off a nice Nigerian diplomat. He couldn't believe how negative everyone was. Your loss ;)
  • Groundskeeper W.
    Instead of moaning about Sony, why don't the affronted Nigerian government do something about the thieving 419 cunts
  • BoughtWiiInstead
    I note that Sony's brought back the Takako Minekawa "Playstation" tag. Put back the PSX/PS2 back-compatibility and I promise I'll buy one.
  • Maude
    I'm with you, Groundskeeper Willie. Cunts.
  • IlivedinAfrica
    Ah man, just because Sony pissed off those Nigerians, I'm buying a PS3. Good on ya, SONY. If Nigeria wants to bitch and moan let them. Nigerians even bitched about District 9 (as if Nigerians eat aliens). Just silly whining from Africa, if you ask me.
  • Wes
    I have met dozens of Nigerians in Roppongi, Tokyo, they all are trying to rip you off. I think the movie "District 9" is a real life Roppongi night life scene. Nigeria should try to clean up their image first.
  • 9ijaboy
    sony was lucky that it was only asked to apologise; to all Nigerian haters take this
  • The B.
    [...] last week, we covered the PS3 ad which suggested that some people in Nigeria try to scam the bewildered on the Internet. Of course it’s as true as the fact that Coldplay are wettest group on the planet [...]
  • Chris
    I lol'ed big time, well done Sony.
  • 9ijaboy
    so why did Sony not choose any country from the west for their cheap idea; where Hi-tech hacking is carried out for peoples credit card details; and why Nigeria? I need an answer Nigeria haters
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