Customer gets owned, lying about avocados

customer gets owned

Often, when a customer goes mad at a retailer on social media, they're doing the most hysterical of things in a bid to get some compensation. We all know a quiet word gets things fixed quickest, unless you're dealing with repeated incompetence.

With that, retailers like getting their own back when someone tries it on with lies.

And so, to an Australian who complained to her local Woolworths, about some dodgy looking avocados they'd apparently bought the day before.

She said: "Upon making a sandwich today I came to find these avocados are rotten! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, I demand my money back!"

Check out the post.

From the demands, the customer even left some bile about how someone at the store had looked with derision at their Crocs.

Sadly for the customer in question, they'd told a fib, and the store was onto it like lightning. Turns out they'd uploaded someone else's photo, from 2014.

If you're going to start making demands, might be an idea to lie a little better than this, and not invent some story about the staff being rude to you.

Now this customer is getting attention from the internet in the opposite way intended.

Serves you right, really.

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