Cold callers selling device to prevent cold callers?

telephoneCold callers are a nuisance.  No-one likes them, they always call at really inconvenient or intrusive times and you never want what they’re selling anyway. Unless, of course, they are selling a device for your phone that would prevent cold calls…

Unfortunately this is not April 1st and it seems there is a company out there doing just that, unaware or unbothered by the thick stench of irony. And worse, it seems people are falling for the ploy.

Helpful sorts at Telecom Protection Service Limited, which could, perhaps, accidentally be abbreviated to TPS, even though the company has no association with the Telephone Preference Service, will gladly call you up and supply you with a ‘Call Blocker Pro’ that would "virtually eliminate annoying calls" for the measly sum of just £79.99. All you need to do is give them your debit card details.

This is Money contacted Giles Ward-Best, who runs Telecom Protection Service Limited, on behalf of one of their hapless ‘readers’ who fell for this ploy. He insisted that the company’s sales people are told not to use the initials TPS ‘to avoid confusion with other services’. Yeah, right. It also seems that the main point of the Call Blocker Pro is to block withheld numbers. Which, if they belong to annoying cold callers like the ones at TPS Limited, shouldn’t be calling you anyway if you have registered with the (real) TPS.

John Mitchison of the genuine  Telephone Preference Service told This is Money: “We are seeing more and more companies like this, and more and more using the TPS acronym. The genuine TPS is free to consumers and there is never any reason for us to call anybody. We are not getting into the business of selling these call blockers.”

You can ring the real TPS on 0845 070 0707- although this is an 0845 number, the call will still (probably) cost less than £79.99 or you can register online for completely free.

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