Check if you've been hacked

Check if you've been hacked

There's so much hacking going on at the moment, it is hard to keep up with everything. You may have been hacked, but wouldn't know where to start in a bid to find out.

One of the big hacks in recent years concerned LinkedIn, with millions of customers having their details compromised.

According to security researchers, there's around 117 million account details being sold on data sharing websites in the last couple of weeks. You could be one of the people who has their details on show.

Well, now there's an easy way to check.

Security expert Troy Hunt has got a lot of the hacked details, and uploaded them all to his data breach website,

There, you can check to see if your account has been compromised or not.

From over a hundred websites, and a whopping 510,321,085 account details, you can see if your details have been leaked.

Should you find that you're one of the people who has had their details stolen, you are advised to change your password with the corresponding site.

This data was originally being sold on the dark web. Where else would it be sold? One of the team at Bitterwallet found that an old LinkedIn account, which was no long in use (and had been deleted, even though LinkedIn keep pestering them with a host of emails) had been 'pwned'.

If you have multiple accounts that have are flagged by this site, you should take that as a warning to not use the same password for all your various accounts.

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