Careful! There's a new eBay scam!

ebay If you're a big fan of eBay, then be aware that there's a scam doing the rounds, which you won't be a fan of, at all! As usual, the aim of the scam is to get at your personal details, and to distribute all manner of malware.

Security crew, Check Point, notified everyone of this flaw, who say that you could be in a world of trouble if you get hit by it. Basically, the scam works like this - the scam artist sets up an eBay shop, complete with listings with a bunch of products that have malicious code in them.

A pop-up message tricks you into opening the page, and gets you to download an app that looks like an official eBay thing offering a one-off 25% discount, when obviously, it gives you no such thing at all. That's because it is a scam, if you drifted off half way through all this.

Oded Vanunu, Security Research Group Manager at Check Point, said: “The eBay attack flow provides cybercriminals with a very easy way to target users: sending a link to a very attractive product to execute the attack. The main threat is spreading malware and stealing private information."

"Another threat is that an attacker could have an alternate login option pop up via Gmail or Facebook and hijack the user’s account.”

eBay, at the time of writing, haven't managed to lock this scam down, so stay vigilant! And here's a video of the scam, so you know what you're looking for.

Keep 'em peeled.


  • anon
    please note that Checkpoint is an operation of ex Mossad agents and as such is NOT a safe company. i myself will always avoid Israeli software as its riddled with spyware and malware if you truly wish to keep people safe do not quote Israeli experts as they are experts in all kinds of cyber crime such as Superfish etc
  • Ben
    Thanks for sharing!
  • DrJogalog
    New scam? A pop-up that tells you to download something outside the normal process? Right... that's super cunning new tactics... If you fall for stuff like this then you shouldn't be using the internet to buy things. Nothing new to see here.
  • Ian
    That's absolute nonsense "anon", Check Point software is used by EVERY company in the Fortune 100; unless you presume your knowledge to be above that of the CTOs of billion $ companies?
  • Jessie J.
    FREE PICS OF TITS- CLICK HERE. As the Doc stated, and I quote "If you fall for stuff like this then you shouldn’t be using the internet to buy things." Do it like a dude.
  • Tom
    @anon And yet you expect people to trust you - an anonymous poster who includes absolutely no evidence to support their claims. You are suggesting that all Israeli security experts are cyber criminals, and all Israeli software is malicious. Sounds like a wild generalisation, don't you think? And is it unusual for an Israeli security expert to be an expert in "all kinds of cyber crime"? Is that not exactly what you would expect them to be an expert in?
  • Father J.
    "If you fall for stuff like this then you shouldn’t be using the internet. Nor should you be allowed to own a computer, or have any sharp objects in your house." Fixed that for you, Doc.
  • Jessie J.
    So Checkpoint warn us of this shit and @anon starts calling them out for being ex Mossad?? What an utter mongtard. Wear my hat low.
  • jon A.
    I was told some weeks ago that an issue on my account was down to an IT fault and did I want it passed along to their I.t. dept...seemm slow to act and does not inspire me with confidence in their procedures and systems...

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