BT: Not as valuable as the copper it's sat on

23 September 2011

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Some clever, sneaky scamp over at The Reg has worked out that British Telecom is sat on top of 75 million miles of copper cable, much of which is doing absolutely bugger-all in the British countryside.

As you know, copper is valuable. People steal it all the time. All you need to do is strip the sleeve from the cable and pop by the local scrap yard and collect your winnings. Easy.

It's reckoned that BT have around 10 million tonnes of copper, which works out at a valuation of around £50bn. That's £30bn more than the company values itself at.

As such, seeing as the country is gunning for a fibre connection, what is going to happen to all that copper?

That's where you come in. Basically, you should go out there and steal it.

The Reg has more grand plans. They say: "Why is anyone bothering to go and nick a few miles of the stuff when you could buy the company and take it all? Asset-strip BT and come out with more money after selling the copper than the company cost you in the first place."

Brilliant. It brings a whole new level to the idea of 'coppering up'.

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  • Marketing W.
    Except of course the price is only high because of its scarcity. Dump that much copper into the market and the value goes down. Nice idea though.
  • Brad
    If you actually look at how much copper is in the cable itself you need about a ton just to make 100 odd quid* *There is no scientific proff or calculation to my Fact** it more a uneducated guess. **Not a Fact.
  • Jason
    I dunno me and my mate made a fortune off the stuff we cut out of the tube train tunnels the other week (well I made more as hes still in the tunnels in a smoldering pile of flesh) winner winner chicken dinner.
  • bawbag
    They don't only use copper; they also use aluminium which is the reason parts of the country have shit broadband speeds of less than 500kbps.

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