Beware Skype scam email phishing for your details

Attention, intermaweb user - there's a raft of Skype phishing scams bombarding inboxes at the moment. Considering Skype has over half a billion users, there are no doubt rich pickings to be had by the scammers.

If your firewalls isn't set up to reject sites reported for phishing, this is what you'll see if you follow the scam email's instructions. It's doubtful any savvy internet users will get pulled in, but there are plenty of family members and occasional users that may fall for it:

Bitterwallet - Skype scam site

Below is the Skype scam email I received over the weekend, but a thread on Skype's website indicates there are several variations in play, so keep an eye out and spread the word. The emails ask users to log into one of several (fictitious) websites, including, and - but there may be other variations:

Valued Skyper,

On behalf of Skype Inc, we sincerely thank you for your as-always trust and supports. As a valued customer, you can enjoy ever more enhanced features from "Get More Out Of Skype" (learn more at

What can you find in this upgrade?

+ Do amazing things for free: Voice and video calls to anyone else on Skype; Conference calls with three or more people; Instant messaging, file transfer and screen sharing.
+ Call landlines and mobiles worldwide (for around 44 countries, and we are adding more soon).
+ Access WiFi hotspots without the hassle.
+ Skype for iPhone: Now you can make Skype calls over 3G.
+ Record all your calls: better than telephone quality.

All you need to get up and running with Skype is…

+ A PC or Mac computer.
+ An internet connection (broadband is best).
+ A webcam to make video calls.

To learn more about this upgrade, please go to Skype Upgrade Center at:

Let's change the way we think of telecommunications.

Thank you

Cherie M Walford

Skype Upgrade Center

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  • CompactDistance
    How people fall for this sorry excuse for English never fails to amaze.
  • PaulH
    "+ An internet connection (broadband is best)." Sheet! I only haz 56k!
  • Bazinga
    Will this work on my Commodore? On a serious note, there was also one of these my parents received telling them to do something similar with Adobe Reader.
  • PokeHerPete
    Thanks for the heads up, Ive just upgraded my Skype account!
  • Noghar
    I had one of these and there was nothing at all wrong with the English. It was only the dodgy 'voip' address that made me suspicious, that and the lack of any actual benefits from this 'upgrade'. When I checked of course there was no mention of any new software or upgrade. It only occurs to me now I should have warned my wife and kids who Skype all the time.
  • Bored
    ... there's also the same for Adobe products....
  • Milky
    There is something to be said for teaching kids shit english...
  • klingelton
    i had one recently that told of my world of warcraft account being compromised and that my password had been changed. This is impressive since i have one of those security wassits and my warcraft account has been dormant for 6 months now. damn gold farmers
  • hippy1001
    I had skype once, but nobody else i knew had it so it was kind of useless to me. Anyway back to my emails, im going to be rich! Some person has alot of money and they want to put it into my bank account and then they will take it out leaving me a percentage.

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