Be vigilant dear reader! Man loses £1500 in mystery shopping scam!

7 March 2011


Over in the North of Ireland, consumers are being told to be on their guard as some bloke got conned out of £1500 after being caught up in a "career opportunity" piece of hoodwinkery. He received an email telling him that he could earn a little extra by becoming a mystery shopper (yes, yes, thick as pig shit, clearly, but we feel the need to tell you all the same).

Sadly, the chap from Lisburn agreed to carry out a mystery shopping exercise on a local money transfer outlet, after being told that the business wasn't up to scratch. The very silly man gave the scammers his bank account details and £1,500 was subsequently lodged into his account. Then, he was then given instructions to send £1,300 of this money to an address in Nigeria by money transfer. You know Nigeria right? That place where they're so wealthy that they offer you money on a daily basis?

Then, with crushingly inevitability, the bank's fraud department told him that his account was under investigation and things had gone the way of the pear. The £1,500 lodged in his account was part of a fraudulent transaction and the consumer had to pay the total amount back to his bank.

Kerry McAuley from the Trading Standards Service said it was a "nasty scam which exploits the promise of paid work to defraud victims". "We are urging anyone who is considering work from home opportunities to be extremely wary of job offers from individuals or companies overseas."

If you think that you have been the victim of a scam or suspect a scam contact Consumerline, on 0300 123 62 62 / 028 9025 3900. We promise that the phone number in question doesn't direct your entire bank account contents to an offshore Bitterwallet account. OR DOES IT? No, it doesn't. OR DOES IT? Nope. Not in the slightest. We're on your side, remember? OR ARE WE? [ad nauseum]

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  • james d.
    I don't get it, how did the scammers benefit from this? By my count they lost £200 and risked losing £1500
  • NI g.
    Is that "North of Ireland" or "occupied 6 counties" ffs? Thought be was better than that shite.
  • all g.
    You forgot "Gerrymandered state" only the Northern Irish give a fuk about this shite... oh and the Nigerians looking for a mark.
  • NellieIrrelevant
    For bemused BW writers and readers, the first two postings relate to the fact that there is a difference, in theory, between 'The North of Ireland' and 'Northern Ireland' for those of us who are from those parts and still hypersensitized to all that political semantics crap. Not, as All Ireland guy says, that it has anything at all to do with the story.
  • DragonChris
    "Only the Northern Irish give a fuck"... Of course we do. How about we label Scotland + England + Wales as just England? Hell, in England, people get all aggressive about being in DIFFERENT POSTCODES. What's up with that? The North and South are totally different countries, with different governance and currency. I don't mind being called Irish, or saying I'm from Ireland, but I save that for the ignorant. I would expect others in the UK to have some understanding of the difference between North and South.
  • Pie M.
    While the Irish argue amongst themselves (no change there then) can I be the first to say WHAT A FUCKING RETARD!
  • Richard M.
    I agree with Pie Muncher... this chap from Lisburn is just a mental.
  • TimB
    Whatever bit of Ireland it is, this guy has just proven the stereotype behind a thousand jokes
  • Dick
    @james dewitt It wouldn't be their own money, it would be from a cloned card or other fraud. The Irish twat then paid the Nigerians £1300 by non-returnable transfer. Then the fraud is discovered on the first transfer. The Irish twat is down £1300, the Nigerians up £1300.
  • Nospam
    @dragonchris ..the north and the south are totally different countries.. Well are they really? I live in the north, I go to ceilis on Tuesday's, watch and play GAA matches regularly and speak Irish to my friends that can. Typically none of this is done in britain but is done in the south of Ireland. This makes me far more like my friends in the south or some English punter.
  • Martin S.
    Mmmmm. I see this sort of thing on an almost daily basis. I was born and grew up in Africa. I now live in the U.S.A. .....However I am white. This makes me a White African American. I am not yet sure what politically correct shite I can stir up with this new classification. Nor am I sure which side of the Mason Dixie line I should live. I would appreciate any advice you can give for free. Please send your full bank details including pin numbers with any advice. Thanking you in advance. Chaching.
  • Top S.
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