ATM skimmers also target ticket machines

2 April 2013

If you thought fraud and ‘skimming’ was just a thing that affects cash machines– it’s now increasingly common on ticket machines and payment terminals, too.

In fact according to the European ATM Security Team (who we hope are a gang of Mission Impossible types in black catsuits hanging around outside The Royal Bank of Scotland with Kalashnikovs) it’s becoming the norm.

Criminals use Bluetooth to get your card details and pin number, then before you know it you no longer exist and you’re running through Waterloo station with a sniper on your tail.

It’s becoming a widespread problem, so make sure you take the same precautions as you might with a cash machine – check for any suspicious devices, and don’t use if you’re in doubt.

The good news is they have yet to crack Chip and Pin devices, which are widely used in the UK and Europe, but be on your guard. Meanwhile, there's always less subtle methods of snaffling cash from ATMs, like this...

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    In the case of the overlayed fake keypads, could you not put light sensors in each button of the genuine keypad to sense if another object has been placed over and covers all keys??

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