Are you an energy mis-selling victim? Want to tell the BBC all about it?

27 September 2011

rip_off_britain Listen up crimefighters – here is your SECOND mission of the day. The good people at the BBC’s Rip Off Britain programme have contacted us on our email machine and they want to hear from YOU.

Not all of you obviously – for a start, there’s a small percentage of you that probably shouldn’t be allowed near a computer, let alone be interacting with other humans with it. But we digress.

The Rip Off Britain squad want to hear from you if you feel you’ve been the victim of energy mis-selling. Over the past few weeks, some of the energy suppliers have been withdrawing their doorstep sales force as a result of mis-selling accusations, deflating them and locking them away in a cupboard.

Were you one of the unfortunates who fell victim to their foul trade? Rip Off Britain would be keen to speak to you. In fact, if you’ve been on the wrong end of any kind of energy mis-selling, be it doorstep, over the phone or literature delivered through the post, they’d love to hear from you.

Drop them a line at [email protected] and tell them that Bitterwallet sent you.

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  • FItz
    I take it the license fee will not be covered in this program then?
  • Liam
    Can I make a complaint about the TV License and how much of a rip off it is? If you pay £20 to Sky you get TV, Broadband and Calls. With the BBC you get TV just for £14 a month. Yet the BBC's remit is to educate, I consume all the news I want via the web. Then they show stuff like snog, marry or avoid. I hate having to hand over money to a toned down, politically correct and left wing organisation just to employ a bunch of Guardian readers.

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