Anyone know how you put an email in a bag...?

6 January 2013

Spotted in some shop or other by some human or other and posted on 'Twitter'...


TOPICS:   Scams


  • zeddy
    Andy, if you don't know how to do that, then I think it's time you called and end to this charade and make way for someone who is computer literate.
  • Alistair
    Is this not the latest in antivirus products for email? Bit like guys use rubbers.
  • Tarquin
    @ Alistair So why do you never use a rubber with me?
  • royalfail
    Didn't Royal Mail have a service where you could send an e-mail to someone in the UK, include their postal address and they'd print it out and send it snail mail for you (for a charge). Can't see why it didn't catch on...
  • wow
    SO not just a jiffy bag you'd use to send to people who bought and paid electronically then ?

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