All hail the Korean spam gift set

Here’s a gap in the gift set market that needs to be on UK shelves if Christmas 2012 isn’t going to be a complete and utter write-off. As spotted in South Korea by intrepid traveller, avid Bitterwallet reader and Twitter user @sunechokaty, it’s the £30 Spam gift set.

Screen Shot 2012-01-22 at 12.14.16

Imagine the delight on your face and the tingling in your loins if someone were to thrust one of these at you on Christmas Day. Although we’re not sure about the ‘mild’ version of Spam – how mild can it possibly get?


  • Zleet
    Spam is massive in some Asian countries and Hawaii. Something to do with cheap meat after WW2. Personally I think it tastes like eyelids and arseholes packed in jelly.
  • Lizzie
    Can't say I've ever tried eyelids or arseholes!!
  • Boris
    Bought this stuff online once: never again! Now I keep getting dozens of unsolicited email adverts about it. It's so bad I've had to set up a folder to automatically send them to so I don't have to wade through them every day.
  • Vincent
    Just one of many things we don't value much but bigger in another country.
  • Richard M.
    Actually, I would be quite pleased with a Spam selection box. I've always loved luncheon meet sandwiches with a good dollop of Branston. I'm very partial to a nice bit of corned beef as well. Eyelids and arseholes never tasted so good!
  • Nick T.
    This photo was taken in a Tesco, judging by the design of the ticket. Tesco take note: the UK wants Mild eyelids and arseholes too.
  • Dick
    Spam is spiced ham, so surely mild spam should be called mam. Nothing like having a slice of mam to gobble up at lunchtime.
  • Jeebus
    Nick T, this was indeed taken in a Tesco (or Homeplus as it's called in Korea, shockingly or not Samsung also part own Homeplus), the yellow labels give it away. This type of gift set is common for Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year), if it's not Spam, it can Apples or Beef (seriously). Worse than this, in the past colleagues have actually asked me to bring them back some spam from the UK so they can compare and constrast (that's true devotion expecting someone else to load a suitcase full of shit they can't sell in the pound shop). And Spam even has different varieties over here too: Garlic Spam for example. I've tried numerous times to explain the irony of a Spam gift set but it's just goes over most people's heads. I'd be lying if I said that was Tesco's worst import too: Tesco Cereals, Tesco Bolognese sauce, Tesco "Finest" Coffee and even Tesco Value Bog Roll....

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