After a month of scamming consumers, Splatt finally disappears

Bitterwallet - splatt logo It won't come as any sort of surprise to those avid readers that have followed Bitterwallet over the past fortnight - shortly after 9am this morning, scam retail website disappeared from the internet. Calls to the sales number now reach a recorded message saying the lines are closed.

Simon Daley of Series 3 Graphics - the company that designed the site and claimed to host Splatt's website and databases - was initially vocal on both Hot UK Deals and MSE in defending the site. Daley has since blocked Bitterwallet's email address after our attempts to discuss the matter with him, and continually revised his company's blog to remove claims of hosting the site (the original can be seen here) as well as defamatory material concerning Bitterwallet. appears to have followed the same pattern as Focus Clothing. As scams go, Focus Clothing could certainly be considered a success; according to the Guardian, the fake clothing website scammed £1 million from consumers in December 2009 and January 2010. The company was operated by a Mohammad Asif from a property in Manchester.

In the past week Bitterwallet has found content that links Splatt and Focus Clothing to another Manchester-based retail business and several other retail websites. We've since notified the Metropolitan Police's Fraud Bureau of our findings. In the meantime, if you or anyone you know has passed on any information or card details to Splatt, contact your card provider immediately.


  • brian S3G blog post is still available. Good work Bitterwallet. These types of stories are great. Keep up the excellent work. An avid fan.
  • Daniel
    Nice to see you guys finishing the work the police ain't capable of finishing!
  • Al
    I think the only good and proper thing to do would be to contact the other companies showcased on Simon's website and let them know what a proper little toerag he is. If he's been scammed with this then now would be a really REALLY good time to put your hands up and admit you've been done SImon, otherwise a quick phone call to Showers and Baths and Dawn's Avon (really?) to let them know what a naughty boy he's been. Well done BW at least there's someone out there willing to publicly tell others about these scammers.
  • Bazinga
    Maybe he bought an iPad from them and he's angry.
  • Hollie
    I ordered Ugg boots from on 20th December and have waited paitently for 2 weeks... earlier when I tried to get onto the website I came across these articles and it slowly dawned on me that I have been scammed :( I did wonder why I couldnt get onto the website when I could get onto every other one I typed in! Now Mum has had to cancel her card and I have no Uggs! :( I hate Scams! Thanks Bitter Wallet you may have saved me alot of money
  • Captain P.
    ^Hollie, make sure your Mum contacts her Credit Card company, she should hopefully be protected by her card and should be able to get the money back for the Ugg boots. Good work Bitter Wallet, the police seem to be a bit behind when it comes to this sort of e-crime. I got scammed online once and despite a rock solid paper trail, nothing ever came of it.
  • Hollie
    Thing is.. We never were charged for the Uggs! But she has cancelled her card as a prrecaution just in case ever decided to use her card details n the future! I wish I had known about all of this beforehand!
  • Murt
    Did they Focus clothing scam £1m from customers or from the banks. After all, if money is fraudently charged to your card, is it not the CC company that is responsible rather than the customer?
  • kv
    all you need is Esther and you've got an online version of That's Life
  • Eric
    Ordered goods online from this Splatt co 12th dec,i believe this scam may be responsible and has already processed a passed on my debit card details,my banks fraud detection department called to-day instructing bank card to be cancelled,my details were presented at some top stores to-day for large purchases,approx 20 attempts in total,in the southhampton and lincoln areas,i reside in scotland,smaller withdrawals at supermarkets and petrol stations,cancel your bank cards A.S.AP
  • What’s B.
    [...] to click through to Bloomin Direct. The complaints we’d received about both and Focus Clothing conning customers at Christmas, had also been directed at Bloomin Direct in previous years. MSE [...]

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