Yes, we're prepared to believe this and act accordingly




  • Mike H.
    I've been panic buying beer for years mate.
  • Dick
    I find storage a problem these days. Three pints and I need to offload some. Another three and I offload my dinner too.
  • haggis
    Chundering after 6 pints Dick? You need some more practice panic buying beer mate.
  • shoplifter
    excellent....more punters to flog me gear to...hurray
  • Merlin P.
    Got it Baldrick? ... Yes, when you call for your incredibly strong ale; I pass water.
  • Greek D.
    Ifa there isa reala beera shortage, there is a puba neara me that still has soma ina.
  • Mike H.
    haggis, the scots drink beer from the day they can hold their own Tommie Tippy. Drinking 10 pints of piss water, Bud, Fosters, Carling is easy, I'm sure you cheat when it's your round and have a Lager tops. Being able to navigate to the bogs after 4 pints of 'Real-Ale' is now considered an Olympic activity. They even wated to add this to Richard O'Brian's 'The Crystal Maze'

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