Women over 65 drink more often than young people

goldengirls Old people often chide younger folks for being nothing short of drunken idiots, however, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics, it's our old ladies who are putting it away most frequently, despite their delicate livers.

One in seven women that are 65 or over booze it up at least five days a week. The 14% figure compares with a paltry 2% of those who are 16 to 24. Those in the 25 to 44 bracket, only 5% of those were on the sauce, while 11% of people aged 45 to 64 were half cut all the time. And to think, middle aged and older people despair of moral decay.

Elaine Hindal, chief executive of industry-funded charity Drinkaware, said: “There's an interesting dynamic between alcohol consumption and the negative health effects of alcohol. While it appears that people are drinking less overall, there is still a trend of heavy, episodic drinking among younger groups, and many over-45s say they drink on five or more days in the week."

"There is a paradox between the groups who drink heavily and those disproportionately at risk of harm from alcohol. Although those who are less well- off report drinking less, we know that they are at more risk of alcohol-related harm. This may be because they are more likely to have poorer health overall."

So next time nana has a pop at some young people she's been startled by on the TV, with your dad nodding sagely along in agreement, be sure to point them toward these figures and out them as hooting piss cans. And young people? It is your fault our pubs are closing down so sort it out.


  • Dick
    There is quite a big difference between one small sherry per evening, and getting completely hammered friday and saturday but dry during the week. But for the ONS, the former counts as someone drinking 7 days a week, whereas the latter is just 2 days a week.
  • shiftynifty
    Nah...they are getting hammered every day...tsk..small glass of sherry, your havin a laugh , don`t be a dick, Dick
  • Charley
    Baby boomers. You'll find they do more drugs too.
  • Phuck Y.
    At least it's regular, rather than binge.
  • Phuck Y.
    The golden girls had lovely binges, specially that old bint.

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