Why drink foul-tasting booze when you can drink Air instead?

Booze comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and flavours and if you’re into getting off your head, there’s almost certainly something on the market for you. But what if you’re the alcoholic equivalent of a fussy eater, and nothing is quite right for you?

You need Air instead. It’s the upcoming drink that will launch in the US of America soon and is simply a mixture of water and alcohol (with some carbonation) to give it added fizz. Boozy water then. 4% ABV.


The company behind it, Fourloko, are also planning berry and citrus-flavoured versions as well, but that’s a bit too extreme if you ask us. So, would you forego the taste of lager and cider to sup yourself pissed on something that tastes of nothing?



  • Businessman
    Or you could buy a bottle of supermarket vodka and put some tap water in, maybe some ice? Be a fucklot stronger than 4% as well.
  • npfiii
    So...it's just like any other American 'beer' only clear? (oh, and at 4%, twice as strong as the piss they normally serve)
  • Big G.
    Budweiser has been around for years, alcoholic, tastes like water and is fizzy.
  • DragonChris
    Posted by Big G • July 22, 2012 at 2:47 pm Budweiser has been around for years, alcoholic, tastes like piss and is fizzy. ^ Fixed that for you.
  • Brody101
    How do the Americans manage to get 95 Calories in water? No wonder they are so fat.
  • jim
    when the alco pops were big a few years ago, there was an alcoholic fizzy water drink. think it was called Vault. was nice 5%. tasted like water...
  • Me
    @Brody101 - I think you'll find thats because alcohol has more calories in it than sugar (and almost as much as fat). Its part of the reason why beer drinkers are fat.
  • Dogturd A.
    @Me Beer drinkers, maybe. You don't see fat alcoholics though. The skinny twats.
  • Spencer
    It's stupid, overpriced and utterly pointless. So with some successful marketing it'll sell by the the metric fucktonne. In case anybody doesn't know... vodka is diluted ethanol (i.e watered down alcohol) to copy this drink that will no doubt cost £1.29+ a can... buy a small bottle of vodka and dilute it 10 to 1 with fizzy water (17p for 2litres). You now have 4% fizzy alcoholic water.

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