What Russian billionaires have for lunch...

abramov Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich has been banned from splashing out on new players until the summer of 2011, but the FIFA ban won’t see him putting his wallet into hibernation.

From TMZ, here’s the receipt following a Roman feast at Nello’s restaurant on Madison Avenue, New York City – a mouth-watering $47,221.09. Abramovich allegedly chucked in an extra $5,000 tip on top as well, and with ten diners present, that comes to a delicious $5,222 per head.

Mmmm… truffles, mmmm… filet mignon, mmmm… posh wine, mmmm…hang on, $15 for a tiramisu? $28 for a couple of ‘parmesan chunks?’ Sounds like the opulent Russian billionaire has had the piss taken out of him.



  • Patrick
    Some people just have far, far too much money.
  • The B.
    It literally would have been cheaper to eat actual money.
  • Amanda H.
    Whats "La Tache Romanee" for $15,000? Is it not some illegal immigrants soup strainer?
  • Paddy
    $7.50 for an espresso and $12 for a large water? Mugs....
  • Rob
    Kill Them!
  • Gunn
    Lucky waiting staff getting that tip. still just another tax write off on expenses. ironic you have to blow your money on stuff just to avoid tax.
  • Nobby
    Most of the cost is wine, $5000 a bottle. Restaurants like that can put any price on a bottle of wine, no matter how good it is and rich people will pay. Would it make any difference if it was $2500, $4000, $5000? No, bung it on expenses and we'll pay out of other people's money.
  • Hilly
    Gratuity at $7,328.20 AND an extra $5,000 tip? Bloody hell!
  • Lou C.
    To be fair, if Roman Abramovich walked into my restaurant, I'd probably add an extra zero to the price of just about everything he ordered. Even if the price is printed quite glaringly on the menu, he doesn't seem the kind to even check; I'd probably get away with it.
  • John
    Im so jealous!
  • Simon B.
    To be fair to him, if you can afford to spend $15,000 per bottle on your plonk then least you can do is give the poor sods who have to watch you repeatedly decking their annual salary a decent tip.
  • Nobby
    It's not $15000 a bottle, it's only $5000 a bottle. He's not that extravagent!
  • Jack
    Far too much cash, but its up to him, he can enjoy any way he likes, we're just jelous and wish we could do that
  • julian c.
    why isn't the reciept made out of solid gold? why does it look like it's been printed on one of those dogshit tills in Poundstretcher.
  • Amanda H.
    The receipts fake. You cant even see any grease stains on it, or a hole in the middle when stavros slammed it on the spike.
  • Steve B.
    I wonder what "Tawny 40" is... My best guess is that it's not actually fine port, but actually the 5 mouse-haired old munters who accompanied the dessert.
  • Steve B.
    hmm, I said actually twice. Great style.
  • Kingway
  • Dying
  • 切尔西

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