What? Bailey's makes you fat? What do we do now?

Screen shot 2011-06-15 at 10.55.30 Here at Bitterwallet, we like to be drunk. We offer no apologies for that. 75% of us are 85% drunk right now. But there's a price to pay, and we're not talking about forking out for the acquisition of the drink in the first place.

All of us are getting fat and sluggish and it won't do. We've always prided ourselves on being a lean, mean consumer machine and we're starting to get slow and bloaty.

Which means it's time for some dieting, and the realisation that our tipple of choice, Bailey's, probably isn't doing us any good in the weight department.

But before we get carried away and invest in some expensive gym equipment, we've consulted a website called Get Drunk Not Fat, which lists the calorific content of a huge list of boozy drinks. It works as a guide to show you what liquor you should put in your water bottle before you go out for a run.

Okay, it's a US-based site so some of the drinks won't be available in the UK (and there may be some slight differences in calorific content between there and here) but all we know is that we've got 151 litre bottles of Bailey's from Christmas that are going down the toilet over the next couple of hours. Viva Jack Daniels!


  • PaganWolf
    I love that they list pure ethanol, but tell you it's not a real drink. Soft Americans!
  • mistersmee
    WTF is "Frederick Miller Classic Chocolate Lager"?
  • wonky
    What a piece of shit. Not one brand of brandy and only lists XO cognac. My love for Americans is beginning to run out, you can only live off the goodwill you collected by sending Cheryl Cole packing for so long...are you listening America....only so long.....
  • Dick
    It's hardly suprising if you mix alcohol and cream. Most decent spirits will give you a high alcohol to fat ratio, whereas drinks with other shit in like milk or the ingredients for bread or in fact shit will be higher in fat.
  • The B.
    Vodka it is then.
  • Paul
    I'd find it more useful to compare an actual serving of each drink - as you would be hard pushed to drink a pint of Bailey's at the same pace as a beer.
  • Hic!
    Sambucca seems to have far more calories than Bailey's! Didn't expect that one...
  • smashingnicey
    Interesting. Thing is, if I was just going on how I could get drunk and use less calories I would have to say that per measure I would probably get more drunk having the same alcoholic ratio on beer than I would whiskey. I think. But I am am smashed right now. So maybe not. I'm off to find Mr. Fox. Hello, foxy foxy foxy.
  • Hugh J.
    Its American.. do not read! FAT LYING BASTARDS!!! Bring out a real British chart.. and Ill be at the sewer gates waiting for that hundred odd litres of Baileys! shit or not, im drinking that irish sweet jizz!

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