Whale-serving California restaurant forced to close

blue-whale-water-slide There’s only a handful of types of meat that we at Bitterwallet wouldn’t sample if it placed in front of us. We’d probably do a human because there’s already far too many of them around, but endangered beasts would be a no-no.

Like whale meat for example. But a top California restaurant has just been caught out serving up whale meat at £57 a plateful. The Hump (now there was a BIG clue) in Santa Monica was secretly infiltrated and filmed by investigative documentary makers and the restaurant’s owners now face the full wrath of the law.

They were found to be selling a meal called ”omakase,” a Japanese term for chef's choice, which the moviemakers had analysed and discovered to be from a poor endangered whale. The owners of The Hump have shut the place down, probably as much to do with the response they could expect from animal activists and call the closure a “self-imposed punishment.”

In order to gain the confidence of the restaurant staff and get the job done right, one of the filmmaking activists, a vegan, ate blowfish and other seafood. So who’s the one who should be REALLY ashamed about all of this? Eh?

Have you ever visited a restaurant where you’ve found yourself  dubious about the identity of the animal you were eating? Why not name and shame the establishment below? But bear in mind that it’ll be YOUR arse they’ll come after if you libel them…


  • m_jack
    This one time, I ate a burger at McDonald's and I swear it had beef in it
  • Nobby
    I once got really pissed and ate a moose.
  • Jack T.
    Nobby, was it chocolate?
  • Fella-Tio
    @m_jack fuck off! not a chance! cardboard only!
  • F. F.
    Zebu anyone?
  • Paul E.
    ... whale meat again , don't know where don't know when......
  • Andy D.
    Of course, we shouldn't forget the time when REM recorded a song advocating the eating of whale meat...
  • Nobby
    @Jack, no she was white.

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