Wetherspoons: tax-free boozing on Wednesday

pint of beer Several Wetherspoon pubs will be dropping their prices by 7.5% on Wednesday.

The pubs will taking part in national Tax Equality Day, which highlights how everyone would benefit from a VAT  reduction in the hospitality industry.

It's been part of an ongoing palaver between the company and the Government over their tax battles.

More than 900 Wetherspoon pubs are taking part in the campaign.

The company paid out £275.1m in VAT last year, which took their total tax bill to £600.2m, which is 43% of the company's sales.

On average, each Wetherspoon pub pays £12,700 a week in tax.

UK supermarkets pay no VAT on food, whereas pubs pay 20%. The company said this economic disadvantage has contributed to the closure of many thousands of pubs.

You can see their point.

While this may be a political point by the pub chain, you don't need to be interested in this jostling. Basically, head to your local Wetherspoons this Wednesday and enjoy a cut-price piss-up. Hurrah!


  • Soronery
    Several does not equal 900+
  • OlPeculier
    Wetherspoons comparing oranges to apples. You don't pay tax on food bought in supermarkets because as a rule you've got to take it home and cook it. VAT is charged on non-essential items, such as going out to eat in a 'Spoons. Learn to live with it. (and a lot of the pubs that close don't serve food, as that blows away that argument as well...)
  • Loraine A.
    OlPeculier you sound great fun! You're not working for the government are you lol. It's a great gesture for the 'common' working class people of this country to have something back. Every time there is a budget it's the working classes that suffer the most. It's little wonder all the boozers are closing down, people are struggling to have a nice pint these days, as they can little afford it. I think the government are trying to wipe our memories of days when people would gather in pubs have a pint and a get together. I'll be supporting my local Weatherpoons tonight and I say lets have more of this. OBTW I'm a woman not a hairy arsed, beer swilling troglodyte.
  • Jessie J.
    @Loraine Well said sister, you go girl.
  • Mr M.
    For some reason I thought they were comparing it to supermarket cafes, otherwise it really is oranges to apples.

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