Well who’da thunk it - Bitterwallet is one year old!

Yes, it was twelve months ago to this day when we set off on our odyssey, aiming to become “the best source for consumer hacks, tips & news from the trenches of the HotUKDeals community.”

We like to think that we’ve stuck rigidly to that righteous path over the past twelve months, so let’s begin the day’s festivities with some NSFW footage of a fat American kicking off in a Walmart-based branch of McDonalds because he's waited too long for his chicken…


  • Big G.
    “the best source for consumer hacks, tips & news from the trenches of the HotUKDeals community.” So,that is what this corner of the web is about? I thought it was bitchin' & boasting. 'Cos that seems to be what I see posted up here.Am I missing something?
  • Shadow
  • magicbeans
    Happy Birthday Guys :)
  • chrisg.
    HB. Can we give you the bumps? As for in-Walmart McDonalds.. they are notoriously slow for some reason
  • The B.
    "As for in-Walmart McDonalds.. they are notoriously slow for some reason" They employ people with history of Art BA's rather than those with actual art based BA's.
  • PC L.
    A year of this shite, to think of all the minutes I have wasted having been looking on HDUK and then being silly enough to click one of these links....the one saving grace is that I have the chance to tell you what I think :)
  • magicbeans
    ^^^^^ try using HUKD instead oh HDUK! :p
  • MrRobin
    Congrats! Keep up the "bitchin' and boastin'"
  • Carlos J.
    @ PC Tosh Lines : Sure it keeps you off You porn and gives your right hand a five minute break, you fcuking [email protected] Happy 1st Birthday Guys :) and here's to may more, we need a birthday Jesus phone special today from you :)
    I would like to celebrate the birthday my reverting to my posting style of 12 months ago. Paul is a cunt. Andy is a cunt. Bitterwallet is a cunt. (If this gets through the rigorous BW moderation phase, no offence is intended... probably)
  • applesux
    AHH... So that is the way that Andy Dawson was found!
  • Andrew R.
    I fancy some chicken
  • Tyl
  • PC L.
    Carlos you have such a way with words. If only this site could give me a five minute break my hand would indeed not be so blistered. Down at Sun hill we usually deem anyone who calls themselves "the Jackel" as a likely sex offender, and I believe your furious spout confirms our suspicions.
  • Carlos J.
    @ PC Tosh, you retired from Sun Hill along time ago you over weight Tosser :) You moan about wasting time on "This Shite" yet you still read and post "Life A Get" rearrange and apply, if its not too taxing on your walnut sized brain ;)
  • magicbeans
    Carlos and PC Tosh..... step away from ur computers!
  • PC L.
    What a retort! Straight from the playground no doubt? You must think something of me to choose a walnut to represent my brain; you must deem me more intelligent than those peanut, pistachio and pecan brains out there? Yes it is shite, the reason why I persist is for opportunities to wind up individuals such as yourself, who clearly have some sort of emotional attachment to a site that rides on the coat tails of a half decent site, providing a collection of mediocre to poor stories.
  • Carlos J.
    and your still posting PMSL :)
  • BG1 1.
    I is the 1 boyz, brah i luv u guyz & want bum sex with all u balla's @ BW. rollin n' a pimpin 30000k a yera
  • Bitterwallet’s B.
    [...] here we are, a year in to the Bitterwallet story, and what’s it all been about? Who the hell [...]
  • Sade T.
    I have to agree and found this very interesting :-)

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