Well that's the Bitterwallet Christmas party sorted...

5 July 2010


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  • Andrew
    Paedophiles really go to ridiculous lengths to disguise themselves.
  • Spark
    I so want that Grimace costume.
  • Laurie
    I've been left feeling rather depressed after looking at this
  • Joanne
    I wanna come....can I? Can I?
  • Codify
    Completely unrelated: http://themediablog.typepad.com/the-media-blog/2010/07/bbc-olympics-facebook-saddos-1800040710.html
  • Peter G.
    What is the boy in the red doing to the other boy? And where has Hamburglar got his left hand?... perverts.
  • donttouchthehair
    "I wanna come….can I? Can I?" Mayor McCheese just did. Dirty McCheese

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