Want Mafia anecdotes with your pizza?

If you’re running a business, getting the right person to front your online presence can be a tricky task. Over in the US of America, the Big Mama’s & Big Papa’s pizza franchise have been holding auditions so that the customers can decide who will be the online face of the business.

We don’t think there’ll be a better candidate than Ralph Lucas, whose audition tape you can see here. We don’t know if it’s his tales of bisexual Mafioso ancestors, or the part when he pretends that the soft drink he’s supposed to demonstrating is red wine – there’s just something about Ralph that we can’t get enough of.

Watch out for the mention of a pizza topping that we've never tried before, and hope that we never do.

[Neil Hamburger]

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  • Paul C.
    Where do you find this shit? Unbelievable, Jeff.

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