UK leads the way in hardcore drinking

Good news! Our reputation for being binge-drinking husks of humanity is a scientific fact! Thanks to the past and current government's entirely ineffective stance on the pricing of alcohol, we can proudly salute our drinking brilliance, assuming we can stand long enough to do so.

The Economist created this fancy map of global booze consumption - it was produced in 2005, and shows the amount of pure alcohol consumed per person per year: "The World Health Organisation estimates that alcohol results in 2.5m deaths a year, more than AIDS or tuberculosis. In Russia and its former satellite states one in five male deaths is caused by drink."

We'll drink to that! Oh. Um.

Bitterwallet - world of booze

[The Economist]


  • Dick
    You've got to die of something. Better it is drink related than aids related. Anyway charts like this are shit. They imply that if you go to live somewhere poor like Africa or India, then you can drink loads because the national average consumption is low and, on average, you should all be OK.
  • Richard
    @ Dick ... no they don't :-P, that doesn't even make sense
  • TeflonMan
    "Thanks to the past and current government’s entirely ineffective stance on the pricing of alcohol ..." Apart from the Scandinavian countries, the UK has the highest taxes on (and selling prices of) alcohol in Europe.
  • Arnie
  • Mr D.
    It's cos it is so shit to live here.
  • james d.
    Hey Teflon Man, You want to back that up with some data?
  • Tim
    We might die of liver disease, but all that booze is doing wonders for cutting cancer (apparently).

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