UK beer sales rise for the first time since 2006 (but it isn't all good news)

pint_bitterBeers sales are on the up! HURRAY! Unless, of course, they've gone up for depressing reasons like, say, everyone in Britain is depressed and started looking into habitual alcoholism. One source of simultaneous glee and gloom - the World Cup - is thought to be one of the reasons that UK beer sales have risen.

The BBC report that the equivalent of more than 2.2 billion pints were sold between April and June, which according to the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), is an increase of 2.9% on last year which means that quarterly sales were up on 12 months ago for the first time in four years. The nice weather probably didn't do any harm either.

It isn't all good news for the booze industry. Growth was seen at shops and supermarkets, but sales in Britain's pubs fell by 6.3%. "The World Cup has certainly been a benefit to Britain's beer sector and we can now hope that the market is starting to turn a corner," said BBPA chief executive Brigid Simmonds.

"However, while there is some reason for cheer, it has to be noted that beer sales in pubs are still falling and the nation's pubs need support."

The BBPA once again called on the government to freeze the tax on beer and support pubs "recognising the economic and social contribution of these vital community assets".



  • Yoda
    WTF - izzzzzzz dizzzzzz reeeee........ (falls on floor in drunken stupor)
  • zleet
    Mate of mine took over as landlord of a shithole pub and after a ton of work made it a success. Did the brewery applaud his his business accumen? Did they fuck, they just increased the wholesale cost of the alchohol and rent until it was no longer cost effective for him to run it any more.
  • BobF
    Just need a new criminal offence, "Constructive Bankruptcy", where someone forces you into bankruptcy through inappropriate business dealings.
  • Jonny S.
    zleet - you'll never make money as a tenant landlord because all the breweries do it take your profile through increasing rent and beer prices. Eventually tenants will become a thing of the past and freehold/Witherspoon style pubs will be the only ones.
  • Humphrey B.
    I was charged £4 for two halfs of fizzy keg crap in a pub on Saturday. I could probably buy enough cider in Asda to keep me pissed for a week for the same amount. No wonder pubs are going to the wall.
  • pub-sales-uk
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