Too chicken to try Ocado's vegetarian soup?

The nights are beginning to draw in, a chill in the air nips and the cheeks and nose - so who's up for some wholesome and delicious soup from Ocado? You are? Why, that's capital news!

Wait, what's that? You're vegetarian? Not to worry! Avid Bitterwallet reader Steve points out this Kitchens of Daylesford Butternut, Sage & Honey Soup is suitable for vegetarians, at least according to the Ocado website. That's why they mark the product with a 'V':

Bitterwallet - Ocado soup 1The 'Product Info' tab also states it's a mouthwatering vegetarian option:

Bitterwallet - Ocado soup 2

So slurp away meat dodgers, safe in the knowledge that your soup contains no trace of animal whatsoev-

Bitterwallet - Ocado soup 3



  • klingelton
    We were eating at a restaurant on the weekend. the wife (meat dodger) nearly ordered a chorizo and cheese pizza marked as V for vegitarian.
  • akiss
    nice one
  • Mark M.
    I'm sure there would be loads of complaints if the veggies could just find the energy to move that really heavy mouse around, not to mention how much energy is required to press down the keys on the keyboard. Are vegetarians even allowed to use mice on a computer????
  • Gunn
    Not a real surprise, I'm sure most restaurants also use meat stock to flavour veggie risottos etc just best not to think about it and enjoy your meal.
  • Rolly
    @Mark - I always find it fascinating how some people get really defensive around vegetarians, its weird. I'm veggie but I never try to convert anyone, in fact I try not to mention it at all. If I'm at a restaurant with a group of people there's always someone who goes on the offensive as soon as they see me ordering the vegetarian option. I normally just say "oh I'm just not a bit fan of meat" to avoid confrontation. We are of course built to eat meat, our bodies are designed for it after all (teeth and digestive systems). I just quite like animals, so choose not to eat them. But I do find it peculiar that some people get all defensive and angry about it.
  • Andy247
    @ Mark - Are you perhaps a repressed vegetarian, dying for the opportunity to jump out of the meat eating closet?
  • Alex
    How can you tell a vegetarian at a party? Don't worry they'll let you know
  • Rolly
    @Alex - I always find its quite the opposite, I never mention it, but if a militant meat eater finds out they insist on challenging me. As I said above, I tend to just say I just don't like meat to avoid a confrontation.
  • kfcws
    I'm a second hand vegetarian. I'll eat whatever meat ate the veg. I've never had problems with veggies, I consider them vital to my Zombie survival plan. And lets not start on the veggie food that tastes like meat..... just eat the animal and be done with it.
  • Mark M.
    I thought that flippant comments were OK on Biterwallet. Obviously not. Oh well - WTF is this real? I bum foxes Bitterwallet steal stories and never proof-read Does anyone else need offending? I might throw a few Manningesque comments in too
  • Rolly
    @Mark - I'm not offended, just interested in the attitudes towards vegetarianism. Of course, we have all met and cringed at militant veggies, I'm just saying there's just as many cringeworthy militant carnivores too. Not offended in the least :)
  • Mark M.
    Yet you still felt the need to pull me up on a blog?
  • PaulH
    I heard Mark M really loves the meat...
  • Mark M.
    fnarr ;)
  • kev
    my only issue with vegetarians is when they moan about there no being enough veggie options in a restaurant
  • Diane M.
    Why not just mention this to Ocado, who would no doubt alter their website, as opposed to writing another smug-faced crap article about it?
  • One F.
    Veggies farts stink
  • Rolly
    @Mark - I'm not offended, I'm just interested in the mindset that all vegetarians must be weak/militant/health deficient. My dad eats any old meat, sometimes I open his fridge and it looks like an autopsy has been performed. Despite eating all that meat he is certainly not a healthy man sadly. He suffers with high blood pressure and diabetes. So meat eater and healthy aren't synonymous, that's for sure.
  • Cassandra
    @ One of the blokes. My dog only eats meat and my dear Lord... they can fill a room for hours. Moral of the story, meaty farts smell too ;)
  • Ivor B.
    @OneoftheblokesoutofBucksFizz - your mum stinks!
  • Steve
    @Diane Mong, I reported it to Ocado originally. Not had a reply. It's clearly funny and/or outrageous enough to report on, isn't it? If it hasn't actually got chicken stock in it then it's just funny. If it has, then it's bloody outrageous, because it's not unreasonable for a veggie to not feel the need to check the ingredients for meat when it's being sold as suitable for vegetarians.
  • Skymarshall
    Vegetarian Wankers.
  • Steve's w.
    I actually spotted this because I am a Vegan and was checking the ingredients for dairy! I was quite surprised to find Chicken in there, but I wouldn't have bought it anyway because of the Double Cream. No doubt there will be plenty of saddo comments about veganism now......
  • Mark M.
    I heard that vegans can't even beat vegetarians in a fight. Just sayin'
  • Colonel S.
    Why did the vegetarian cross the road? Because she was protesting for the chicken, MAN!
  • Mr G.
    I'm a Level 5 Vegan - I won't eat anything which casts a shadow. (yeah... Simpsons)

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