They're calling it the greatest picture ever...

...and they might be right.




  • Maude
    WTF IS DIS REAL? No, that just felt wrong.
  • Jack
    LOLOLOLOL One of the best pictures ever!!!!!! How What .... never mind...
  • Julio
    Looks photoshopped.
  • JGN
    didn't know pigs could swim!!
  • Fritzel
    This looks shopped, I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time
  • Rolly
    Yep, Photoshopped - you can see the water lines behind her are clearly just the dodge tool at default settings.
  • Rolly
    Reflection is nicely done though, very convincing, although her clothes are very dry and part of her right arm has been erased badly.
  • Daz W.
    Shopped or not it's still bloody funny.
  • Fir B.
    Old much?
  • I t.
    what is this a refuge from 4chan?
  • JGN
    funny that everyone mentions the subtle chops made when the blatent obvious one is the lighting is totally off.... but surely everyone realised that curbs in china aren't 4-5ft high off the road?? jesus wept. There was probably a duck there or something originally, if at all.
  • Joanne
    all I got from this picture is a want for noodles at 08:30 in the morning
  • Steve B.
    You sad, sad, sad bunch of people. Besides, it's Japan, not China. They have mongs there too.
  • Gordon B.
    I can't tell - man or woman?
  • WTF
    I wont even put IS DIS REAL. Its clearly photoshopped and not funny.

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