The lunch breaks you'd need a day off for

One of the things we love most of all about the USA is Megan Fox the massive portions of food you get in their restaurants. Better still are the restaurants that offer eating challenges – you know, scoff a 20lb steak in under ten minutes and win a badge, that sort of thing.

One other thing we ALL like is Woman’s Day website. Over there, they’ve compiled a gallery of gluttony of some of the foodular feats that face yankee doodle diners who are looking to show off or are into self-harm. Which one of these would you go for?

Hey, this is a CONSUMER website. What the hell did you expect?

[via Presurfer]


  • wellsie
    this is like
  • wellsie
  • Andy D.
  • acecatcher3
    megan fox is not very fit at all.... adriana lima is the fittest woman on the planet, google her andy, ull b glad u did....i dont know how fox got voted number1 in fhm magazine last year.
  • Amanda H.
    There's something about that small doughnut that seems more appealing than the bigger one.......
  • Chopper
    Bloody yanks...
  • Tom P.
    @acecatcher3 thanks for that, good job i bought a new box of Kleenex® EXTRA strong tissues from Tesco at lunch time.
  • mick
    this lot is from a show on the travel channel in the USA called `Man VS Food'.. awesome show, check it out.
  • no.3
    Picture no.3 looks like a turd ha ha, well i thought it was funny

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