The King is dead - Burger King in whopper trouble

When the McDonald's menu turned over a new leaf by offering salads, fruit and cappuccinos, and all manner of meat-free manna, plenty of folk dismissed it as a cynical tactic to appear more health-conscious and nothing more. Well perhaps it was, but it was also the smartest move they could have made; shares in McDonald's increased 12 per cent last year. You suckers.

But what about your second favourite burger joint, Wimpy Burger King? They decided to keep gunning for the meat lovers, and as a consequence they've suffered falling sales for the third quarter in a row, with their shares dropping by nearly a fifth in the past twelve months. Not that they're giving up without a fight. The first Burger King in Russia opened last month and in several locations across the US, BK are now serving up beer with their burgers. Stay classy.

Critics of the Burger King way of business are queuing up to tell them it's their own fault - for several years, BK has relied on the "super-fans" who accounted for half of all visits to the counter, eating out there more than nine times a month. These customers tended to be low-income consumers, and so the recession has seen their custom disappear.

Burger King did try and broaden their appeal with the introduction of The King, though the Wall Street Journal reported this week that plenty of consumers find him goddamn creep. So too much meat and a character you'd avoid in the street - why isn't this working for BK? Maybe a homoerotic confrontation in the bedroom will make it better:


  • merlin
    "...eating out their more than nine times a month." "...and so the recession and seen their custom disappear." Did the YTS lad write this article?
  • Paul S.
    No, they're called spelling mistakes which were corrected pretty much the instant the post went live. Congratulations, however, for spotting them in the 30 or seconds they actually existed. And YTS hasn't existed for over two decades. Cheers.
  • Amanda H.
    Burger King burgers are really nice, but then its ages since I had one as my local franchise charges up to double McD's for some items.
  • merlin
    @Paul Smith. Simmer down. No need to get snippy.
  • Chris
    Yeah £8 for a double angus meal, crazy prices. Then when i get home its only a single, useless staff too.
  • Gunn
    Wimpy all the way! Not sure about selling beer in BK, isn't there enough trouble at night with drunks.
  • Blake
    Paul do you need help putting the toys back in the pram?
  • Lee
    As above, it's the prices that put me off burger king. You can get a Big Mac Meal for £4 in McDonalds. You'd be hard pushed to find a Whopper meal for under £6 in BK. No thanks!
  • Paul
    I love BK burgers...but the new one that opened up here wants £6 something for an XL Bacon Double Cheesburger meal. Silly prices - I can make a roast dinner for 2 for that. Not at work, however.
  • Keith
    My reason to hate BK is their horrific motorway service station/airport pricing. McDonalds seem to keep to a fairly universal price list wherever you are, but BK have lost me as a loyal customer due to their shocking dual pricing.
  • Colin
    I'm willing to pay the extra for BK over McDonalds, since whenever I've gone for a "Big Mac" or similar it's been about the size of the small burgers in BK, which are about the same price anyway - which are the tiniest burgers you can buy. You'd need three for a decent meal.
  • applesux
    Maybe somebody spilled tea on Pauls Mac and he is cranky today. Because people that own Macs don't make mistakes...
  • Dr H.
    @Paul Smith, instead of getting tetchy why not proof read before you publish?
  • DanWeb
    Burger King food is far better than McDonald's and I would prefer to go to BK every time. The problem that I have experienced recently is that any BK I go into seems way too understaffed, even at busy times. So you spend too long waiting, get rubbish customer service, and end up not returning as a result, even if the food is better....
  • The B.
    Bring back Wendys, they were/are the best burgers by far.
    There burgers are better and the chips are much nicer than maccy dees, i can even put up with higher prices as they often have deals/vouchers on the go. What annoys me is, as someone said Its always understaffed, They always forget something Its always cold Thats not on when your paying over £5+ for a burger meal.
  • Mark P.
    BK offers better fries, and a better quality of meat. However due to the fact that they 'flame grill' their burgers about 2 hours before you arrive and keep them in some sort of hot meat prison before assembling your burger and microwaving it, the burgers are extremely dry. Also, why the fuck don't they put sauce in the bacon cheese burgers and then get mardy when you ask for ketchup for the burger and the fries. Also, what the fuck is up with the pricing? McDs are cheap and cheerless. However, they are cheap.
  • Paul s.
    @applesux Maybe somebody spilled tea on Pauls Mac and he is cranky today. Because people that own Macs don’t make mistakes… Paul's and Mac's
  • Amanda H.
    I call, neigh DEMAND bitterwallet hold a public inquiry into why Burger joints put gherkins in their cheeseburgers!? Sadly, I make a point of NOT asking to have mine without, simply because the time it takes me to remove them = 3 seconds, where as the time it takes these nobs to do a "special order" = 15 minutes. I'd still like to know what percentage of muppets like us would rather they don't put them in at all. (KFC rules btw)
  • Spankypants
    BK kicks McD ass but the Colonel shits all over the both of them.
  • milky
    god you lot are tetchy, too many growth hormones in your cack fast food MCshite? ..BK is better, (incidentally) on the occasions I've had to eat at a burger joint. ..though cold, understaffed & pricey as others have stated.
  • sherry
    i used to love the old flame broiled burgers in the 70's but no thanks ill pass on your microwaved grabage
  • Craig
    BK has been lost in their marketing campaigns for years. They have no idea what direction to take and it's good that they fired their lousy CMO. They need to make their commercials more down to earth and go for branding instead of weirdness. Creepy characters don't sell burgers (except the Mc Donalds childrens characters that only show up on Sat mornings)

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