The end is nigh for Special Brew?

special brewDelicious, maddening, best friend of the bus-stop boozer - Special Brew - could be coming to an end, along with Tenant's Tennent's Super, Kestral Kestrel Super Strength and other beers and ciders with an alcohol volume above 6.5%.

And it all begins in Suffolk, where the police want to stop shops from selling the drinks. Tesco and Co-op have already signed up and will no longer be the friend of the alcoholic. McColl newsagents and some off-licences have also decided to take spesh off the shelves.

Cheapo spirits will invariably still get sold though, so worry not.

Area commander Andrew Mason said super booze was available for as little as 69p, which he described as "pocket money". He continued: "We're going to visit the premises and ask them to make a voluntary variation to their licence, which has a licence condition that they can't sell it - which makes it future proof."

Andrew Cleveland, operations manager for drug and alcohol charity Norcas, said: "It's a positive step in the way that it will target a specific area. But what really has to happen is not just this as one intervention, we need to make sure there is other support there as well."

Goodnight sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


  • MikeBeav3r
    This take the piss, all the alcoholic tramps round here (Ipswich) will just move onto wine, so instead of them leaving metal cans about they will be getting wankered on cheap wine and smashing bottles over the place instead....and to top it all off, the only two places round here that sell Aspall's Premier Cru (8.2%) cider are Tesco and fucking Co-op, bunch of twats. Wonder if this is why my missus called me and said tesco were doing 4 bottles of said Cider for £5, instead of 2.95 each normally!!
  • Steve
    Yep - makes total sense! Stop selling 9% beer and keep selling 50+% spirits - that will stop all the alcoholics!
  • chewbacca
    Jesus fucking Christ, they can't even spell "Tennent's". BW, poor show. I expected more from you!
  • Mr P.
    @ Jocky Don't worry Jocky, I'll keep a few cans under the counter for you. Of course the price might have to go up a bit.
  • chewbacca
    Or "Kestrel"... Bloody amateurs...
  • Andy D.
    Blame Mof. He only drinks Babysham.
  • chewbacca
    Aaargh. That was intentional, tell me it was!
  • Kevin
    Don't serve pissheads, that's the answer
  • catweazle
    A slippery slope, next it'll be the 5% beers and before long, we're reduced to Barr's shandy. Oh, and can somebody post where we can get the 69p for 6.5%abv stuff from on HDUK?
  • Marky M.
    @ catweazle Yes, I wondered that too. The nearest I could think of was 3 litres of Zeppelin cider from Bargain Booze, the wino's friend. If anyone can top that, please let me know. Think of it as a service to the community.
  • Sicknote
    A bottle of meths or a bottle of sanitizing hand rub is cheaper.
  • kv
    yet you can still get your 14% bottle of wine for £3 in Tesco/Asda.
  • Tim B.
    Why does this need a 'voluntary adjustment to the license'? They're not just asking them to stop selling it, they're asking them to prohibit themselves from selling it. If I were a shopkeeper there, I'd tell them I'd be happy to take it off the shelves as a trial, but they can fuck off if they want the ability to fine me if I choose to start selling it again.
  • Chewbacca
    @Catweazle Have you been living under a rock? It already HAS happened to the 5% beers. Kind of. Budweiser - used to be 5%, now 4.8%. Stella - used to be 5.2%, then 5%, now 4.8%. They think we don't notice. cunts!
  • You
    i spent a very depressing summer working at Bargain Booze and all the alkys round our way drank £3 bottles of sherry. I like to think they were stood round a fireplace under the motorway wearing monocles discussing the days hunt, but they were probably just in the bus station covered in pi55
  • Octavius A.
    As long as ah can get mah 8 tins of Ace for £1.49, I couldn't care less.
  • LancerVancer
    And they wonder why heroin has gone down to a fiver a hit!! This is another load of old shite. Supermarkets are still gonna sell cases of beer for less than 8 quid a pop and as others have said you can still buy sherry/wine/knock off vodka for less than 3 quid! Legalize weed and everyone would reap the benefits.
  • David H.
    even for less than six quids, i will get the full whak of eighteen uk units. good, stay in bristol ober christmas

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