The Big Mac Wrap - like a Big Mac, but less appetising

Those lucky Canadian bastards. All this time they pretend they don't have many smarts, that the world owes them a favour, and they've been holding out on us. McDonald's began conducting secret tests in the land of the Maple Leaf in March, and have just started serving their experiment in the US; behold what the rest of the world has been missing out on for the past five months - the Mac Snack Wrap:

Bitterwallet - the Mac Snack Wrap

It's all the goodness of a Big Mac, but in a a warm flour tortilla! Enjoy that succulent 100 per cent beef patty, crisp lettuce, the classic sau-

Bitterwallet - inside the Mac Snack Wrap

Half a Big Mac patty smothered in crap. Looking good, Ronald. As The Consumerist points out, if they'd called it a Big Mac Burrito you wouldn't touch it with the bargiest of poles. Thanks, Canada.

[EatmeDaily] via [The Consumerist]


  • Sammy E.
    It seems they are copying the already popular, and EASILY the tastiest savoury thing from McDonalds, the McArabia, pic is below. You get two full size peices of meat, in normal flatbread (different to the stuff in the UK though), with great sauces etc. Unbeatable, and it would be very popular if brought over here.
  • Shadow
    Looks like a babys diaper
  • zeddy
    A McSnatch please, with extra batter.
  • RSG
    bring back the mcrib!
  • Brian2
    I could eat one of those right now, would make up for the disappointment arising from the Apple keynote
  • McBastard
    Looks like McCrap.
  • jamespir
    looks gross like what m dog threw up last night
  • Marty P.
    The McArabia is magic, getting one is the first thing I do when on a stop over conneting at Dubai airport - with a huge coke its perfect to fill the salt/sugar cravings you get when jet-lagged as hell on a long distance flight. In fact its abut the only food in a MacDonalds I actually enjoy.
  • The B.
    It has to be said, that McArabia looks almost appetising.
  • Lukus
    yeah I had something like the McArabia when I went to Munich a few years ago, and man it's like 50 times better than normal mcdonalds... mmm yeah I'm still craving it!
  • Tom P.
  • adamck
    Just got back from cyprus, the home of the Greek Mac! (look abit similar, but nicer) And no im not joking!
  • Joff
    If the service in McDonalds Dubai (old terminal) is anything to go by I'd steer clear of the Muck-Arabia. Admittedly we were transiting at one of the busiest times of the day, but you'd hope they would increase their staffing levels accordingly. It's not as if they don't know how many customers will be in the building at any given hour!
  • Hamster b.
    shame it's not pink tacho, far tastier but with a touch of fish
  • Kevin
    It's not a Big Mac patty. I work at McDonald's and I know... ;-)

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