Takeover to see a world of very average beer combining

beer Anheuser-Busch InBev, who happen to be the largest brewer in the world, are looking to do a takeover of SABMiller, which means, between them, they'll make around a third of the world's beer.

Together, they'd have a market value of roughly $275 billion, and they'll make a killing in the growth markets of Latin America and Africa, and have a whole load of breweries in Asia.

Of course, European drinkers won't be at all fussed about this, because Europeans aren't too bothered about the products owned by either company. Between these two, they own Peroni, Grolsch, Budweiser, Becks, Coors Light, and a whole load of other lagers that you might refer to as 'piss'. At best, they're beers that'll do, if there's nothing else on offer.

Interestingly, AB InBev are controlled by 3G Capital, who are a private equity fund who have orchestrated takeovers of Burger King, Heinz, and Kraft Foods. That means this is very likely to happen. Meanwhile, you'll carry on with your hard liquor, wine and craft booze.

AB InBev have been eyeing up SABMiller for years now, and it just so happens that SABMiller's share price has just dropped by around 15%, so it is perfect timing for AB InBev. Whether antitrust authorities will put the scuppers on it, is another matter entirely.

However, SABMiller might make eyes at other brewers like Heineken or Diageo, in a bid to cover their own behinds.

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